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Model factory hiro Porsche 917/30

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Well going to start the 1/12 mfh 917/30. I must be insane. To do these kits you turn kind of crazy. Anyway i have some pics of things to start. Will not bore you with the very boring part of prepping the parts. I believe the mfh P4 had over 2000 parts.  This kit has about the same. There are bags and bags of white metal parts. You must organize these or you will get lost or worse lose parts. You have to polish the white metal parts in a tumbler.  (I use a brass tumbler for gun shells)Took 10 months to build the P4. Each PART DEMANDS attention. So here we go........










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Thank you Spottedlaurel. Have a pic of the engine. Laguna Seca 1973. A very rare problem with the 5.4 monster. A leak occurred during practice. Engine was changed in three hours! The colors of the engine are all business. Mostly black. Even the plug wires were black. 

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The cleanup on the wheels and other parts took several hours. Next is the tumbler. Have to cut out the fins on the wheels. They are photoetch. Install after the tumbler. Prime with acidetch primer. Then paint and clear. This process will take a few days. I builtD6F98223-42EA-4680-B47D-EEFDE4C555D4.thumb.jpeg.0e67f35ddf882534b1c4c77a7c1c1a38.jpega 1/12 tamiya Ferrari in 9 days. Out of box. These wheels alone will take about the same time. There is a pic of the Ferrari. That’s how intense a model factory hiro kit is. If you guys love detail, get a mfh kit. You will not be disappointed. 





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Hello Chris. Here is how I mask the yellow and blue on the wheel. At least in theory. We will find out soon , to see if it works. First time I have used zero paints. Hope it works. The primer I use on white metal. It’s a little expensive but it sticks. You still need to put the white metal in a tumbler to get the release agent off the parts. 




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Hello Funkychicken, yes the tumbler lightly sands the part. If you leave the part in the tumbler for awhile, the part will be polished. . Painted the wheels. They will get clear this afternoon I hope. And yes a long journey sir. 


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Thank you absmiami. Here are the assembled tires and wheels. I am very happy with the results. I usually like to paint the body first then tires and wheels. But with these mfh kits you have to go with the flow of the build. The Ferrari P4 frame seemed to always move around. So you had to modify the body. So you could not paint because of the mods. This build has a tub center section. Should keep it from moving around. I hope. 


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