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To all our international friends, you may not realise the significance of this car. John Zappia is a home town hero here in Perth W.A. This car stated out back in the eighties ( I think)as a street driven, street raced big block Chev powered steel bodied HQ Monaro, racing at Ravenswood International Raceway.  It evolved into a dedicated Gas class racer and then a number of tube framed , carbon fibre bodied variations have been developed over the years. The basic shape and colour scheme has remained the same over close to four decades, as has his reputation and tally of wins, being Australian Top Doorslammer ( Pro MOD in the US)  Champion on many occasions. Zap is absolutely fearless, a slightly built, almost jockey sized guy whose middle name should be "Never lift"! He was also the first legal Doorslammer/ Promod in the 5 second bracket - in the world! Another U.S. racer made that claim but that was in a specially prepared tricked up car on a private race day - Zap was class legal and racing in an open event when he got his five!

When the Yanks would come to town and attempt to win the crowd with their long smokey burnouts, Zap would simply go further - it was not unusual for Zap to begin reversing from the braking area!  With the amount of time the visitors spent sitting on the start line waiting, they soon learned not to try that trick!  Zap has been known to have one, two , three or four wheels off the ground at any given time but you never hear those revs drop!  Even a solo pass is at full noise.  He's a promoters dream giving maximum value for the entertainment dollar on every pass.

Congratulations, Brett, on a very authentic replica of Zap's Rat.  I started one in the late eighties with the shovel nosed front but never did get it finished.  I had carved a wooden mould and vacformed the body. it was based on the Tony Foti LAPD Camaro chassis as the car was still big block powered back then.  I even got to show the mould to Zap at a car show one day and he was genuinely interest - he even pointed out some areas that needed corrections.  Apparently he is a keen slot car racer!

Thanks for sharing this iconic car with the world.



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