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Removing partial chrome plating, or paint over?

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I'm building a Ducati model, and I have a few chromed pieces that require paint. The thing is, only a small section of it needs to be painted, and the rest stays chrome.

I've read through a lot of posts, and all I can see is people recommending to remove all chrome before painting, but this is not what I need.


Can anyone offer some advice?

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First post? Welcome to the forum Dude!

While the paint (and glue) adhere better to bare plastic, there is no absolute need to remove the "chrome" before painting.  "Chrome" is actually a layer of clear enamel or lacquer over bare plastic, which is then metalized with a very thin (few atoms thick) layer of aluminum, then usually another clear coat is applied to protect the thin layer of metal.

If you use water-based paints then I would prime the metalized areas first.  If you are using "stinky" enamels or lacquers, then you might not even need to prime. But the shiny surface might show through the paint, so priming makes sense with either paints.

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