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Builds for 2020 Stats (Unscientific)

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I'm sure it's not completely accurate but close enough. Just going by what we've posted as builds for 2020, here's what I found:

71 builders

642 builds (avg. 9 builds per builder)

26 completed between 1-5 models (slackers like me)

23 completed 6-10

11 did 11-15

6 finished 16-20

4 knocked out 21-30

And only 1 overachiever completed more than 30.

Nice work everyone!

Imagine, this is just a small sample of all the completed models around the world in 2020. The manufacturers should take note.

Let's keep building!

Happy New Year everyone


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Thanks for doing that Jay!  as I read a lot of them over the last week I was thinking, boy, wouldn't it be cool to tally all these up! And what the numbers don't show is the incredible quality. 2020 had some good aspects to it after all!



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I have wondered what the stats of model building would be compared to previous years. There must be millions of people out there, I'm one of them, who haven't built a single kit in nearly thirty years. Even if I just built one kit it's one more than I would have done if 2020 hadn't turned out the way it did. Model manufactures output would definitely have had a boost for sure. Be interesting to see the spike in the graph of sales from previous years!

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