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  1. @Dennis Lacy this is my favourite time to watch your builds, your detail painting of engine and suspension components! Always well done sir!
  2. I like your thought process on this, I have a build started with the same kit and frame lol
  3. I wish I was at this level of detail building! impressive
  4. Looks good so far Sam, hopefully I can find a decent rebuilder 64 at some point
  5. With a little imagination it would make for the beginnings of a decent salt flats racer
  6. By no means a hot rod or muscle car, but I’ve been building and modifying early water cooled vws for the better part of 30 years. that being said someday I’d like to own a proper steel 32 3 window.
  7. I have one of these kits in my build pile, your work here is inspiring me to move it up the list
  8. Thank you, I’m looking forward to more progress as I’m considering doing a similar section. Learning where and what to cut is helpful!
  9. Started assembling a 3D printed LSX engine, all was going well till I realized I had installed the cylinder heads too low and the intake manifold had massive gaps on either side! O well chalk it up to a learning curve while dealing with 3D prints, no alignment pins to guide for positive placement means more time will need to be done dry fitting. luckily it came apart without damage so I get to start over.
  10. So with that section work, will the hood still fit as designed or will you have to section that as well?
  11. Fair enough, I’m currently just building engines atm I have no where to spray bodies for a little while. contemplating this
  12. Any updates on this? I’m thirsty for more lol
  13. How much did you cut off the body for the channel job?
  14. I’ve had great success with castrol super clean for breaking down most paint, and it does an admirable job of making the ole testors tube glue fairly brittle. Enough that you can pick it away with dental picks and a sharp #11 blade I let it soak for 48 hours
  15. Snagged another complete mpc blazer today, two are currently soaking in castrol super clean
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