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  1. Still Here Steven....Hanging on by a thread.....Looking for something to read!!!!!
  2. Has anyone in Canada received their copy yet?????
  3. Just heard on Facebook that the sale at Ollies starts This Thursday......Just in time to buy those kits for Christmas.... Sadly we don't have them here in Canada....
  4. The way I understood it when these kits first came on the scene many years ago was that they were slot car bodies at one time, and Hasagawa pushed them out with generic interiors and chassis.... Still an excellent knock off of the MPC Bonneville.... I have been trying to get one but none of them are available here in Canada.....
  5. In 1/1 the hood off the 75 Dart Sport will fit on the Barracuda.....Worth a try in 1/25th scale.....
  6. yup….Alan does these to convert the Moebius truck for the Sandy Elliot Race Team Truck.....I sent him the initial pics to get this project started.....
  7. Well I could have said '' good things come to those who wait '' but then i'd start sounding like my parents.....
  8. If they really want to knock one out of the park......International 4070 A ,,,,International Transtar II...….PLEASE...PLEASE....PLEASE.
  9. Patience Grasshopper...….It will happen when it happens.....
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