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BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R 2015

The last version of the BMW 3.0 CSL didn`t come with the wing installed from the factory. Instead, customers would find it in the trunk, so they had to mount it themselves after the purchase. The car became the nickname „Batman”.  The Hommage is a homage to this car. The engine is an inline six about 500 HP with two turbos and an e-Boost hybrid system in the rear of the car. The car got the greatest diameter discbrakes  Brembo could supply. The interior is minimal to keep the weight as low as possible. The steering wheel, is similar to what is found in the DTM racer, is a cut-down creation.

The model is made by MSZT/China in 1:24 scale with authentic details. Only the red-dark-and light-blue tampon printings are missing on the front- and rear-end.

01 IMG_8314.jpg

02 IMG_8311.jpg

03 IMG_8310.jpg

04 IMG_8312.jpg

05 IMG_8313.jpg

06 IMG_8315.jpg

07 IMG_8322.jpg

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2 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

Oh yes!  I am going to have to have one of those.  Thank you for posting. I checked the Bay and there are several vendors offering them but all from the far end of the supply chain bottle neck unfortunately. 

Hi Gary,

I got it for $19.90 + postage without box about middle September from Ebay.  That time Aliexpress had more offers slightly higher priced. Now I found one for 31.62 + 3.60 shipping with box with VAT at Aliexpress. I have good experieces with Aliexpress. (I don`t know how much is the VAT in price - we have 27% and this is included in the offers for me)

Good luck: János

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Buick Electra 2 Door Hardtop 1959

“Whatever car you have in mind you’re better off with a Buick!” said the new slogan in 1959. And it was specialy true for the Electra. It was not only a full size luxury car but a unique revolutionary design with no comparable in the GM`s model line in 1959. The engine was a 325 HP V8  mated to a two-speed  Dynaflow automatic transmission , power steering and brakes. The interiors were trimmed in nylon Mojave cloth or broadcloth combinations with Cordaveen. The exterior design was  caracterized by the slanted headlights  in front and the "Delta-Fins" back with round taillights .

A Buick Electra 225 Convertible served as the pace car for the Indy 500 1959.

The model is made by Husky  in 1966 about 3” size.  The heavy playworn original got a new paintjob.






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BRM P 167 Chevy ALCAN 1972

BRM built the P154 Chevy to contest  the 1970 Can-Am races designed by Tony Southgate. The engine was built in-house at BRM and seemed competitive; Chevy ZL1 aluminium blocked 7.4 litre V8 developing circa 650 BHP. The car had little testing  and was under-developed, evil handling car. The modified version got a large wing and widening the tracks for the 19ˇ” wheels. But 17”  wheels were only available. They arrived some success in the Interserie with the car renamed P 167. The „Alcan Team BRM” ran the car as a works entry in the 1972 Interserie.

The model built by Polistil  scale 1:55 with the name P 154. But the wing was an  early type of the P 167. I made the Alcan livery and changed the wing to a type used by Alcan team.

1 .jpg

2 .jpg

3 .jpg

4 .jpg

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Lamborghini  Huracan  LP640-2 STO  2021

The STO is for Super Trofeo Omologata. The car delivers all the feel and technology of a genuine race car in a road-legal model. No wonder that  it is reminescent of the Huracan Super Trofeo EVO but it features a completely optimized aerodynamics and employing carbon fiber in more than 75% of the body panels. And the front of the car tilt first time forward after the Miura 1966.  The 640 HP engine is the most powerfull  V10 of Lamborghini. The top speed is 300 kmh and it accelerates in 3.00 s to 100 kmh.  And this is a road--legal car !

The model made by Jin Lifang/China in 1:24 scale. The model is good detailed . The engine bay is a bit simple but some detail paint can help.

01 IMG_8336.jpg

02 IMG_8331.jpg

03 IMG_8332.jpg

04 IMG_8333.jpg

05 IMG_8334.jpg

06 IMG_8335.jpg

07 IMG_8348.jpg

08 IMG_8339.jpg

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Hi keyser,

my experience with Aliexpres is good. If hapened any problem with delivery or item allways was quicly solved the problem. ( resending or 100% refund - there were only 3 times problem)

Best regards: János velics

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Porsche 917-10 1972

After their successes with the 917 mainly in Europe, Porsche decided to focus on the North American markets and the Can- Am Challenge. For that series, larger and more powerful engines were needed. Although a 16-cylinder engine with about HP was tested but a turbocharged flat 12-cylinder engine was ultimately used. The 917 chassis also had to be lengthened to accept the longer 16-cylinder engine, and drivers complained that this longer chassis did not handle as well. The turbocharged 850 hp 917/10K entered by Penske Racing won the 1972 series with George Follmer, after a testing accident sidelined primary driver Mark Donohue.  In 1973 won the season Donohue before Follmer. This broke the five-years domination of McLaren. Porsche was dominant till the consumption limiting in 1974 due to the oil crisis. The 917 was also the only championship winning car in Can Am not to be powered by Chevrolet.

The 1973 versions were with 1000 – 1100 HP engines powered. The drivers developed a turning strategy:    drive in the corner straight and breaking maximal what the tyres allowed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    than turn sharp - again what the tyres allowed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    and with the nose to the next staight accelerating maximal – this method was quicklier as to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   follow the ideal line.


The model made by Polistil in 1:55 scale. As the original was made a bit simple I modified the body by making the missing vents, a new roll bar and decaled  the 1972 livery of Goerg Follmers car.







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Pagani Zonda C 12 2004

A test driver said: Nail the throttle in second gear and a high-pitched roar erupts from behind, as the 414kW V12 turns scenery into streaks and makes far very near. The name Zonda came from Argentina and it is a strong wind in the Andean region. The engine is one of the 100 built specifically for Pagani by Mercedes-Benz AMG.  The 7,3 litres V12 is more than a full litre larger as the Lamborghini  Murcielago engine still 12kW down on tham.  But its 750Nm is 100Nm more than both the Lambo and a V12 Ferrari Enzo. And the top speed is 298 km/h. To be live up a supercar weight was saved everywhere: there’s even about one-fifth of the regular amount of sound deadening, just 5kg, used only in the most crucial areas. And the price is $1.2 miilion. Everything is super – sure the noise too !

The model made by Motormax in 1:24 scale.





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Shadow DN 4 Can-Am 1974

Don Nichols the owner of Shadow racing team decided to build a new racecar for the season 1974. Southgate designed the new car with an engine 8,095 cc, V8, 800 bhp and extrem aerodynamic shape. The car was a success: winning with Jackie Oliver in Mid-Ohio, Watkins Glen, Atlenta, Mosport and the Championship 1974. But the new fuel consumption limit of 3 mpg made an end of the big block V8s used.

The model is made by Polistil 1:55 scale. The scale could be correct for width and hight but not for lenght. The lenght is determinated by box. In spite of all these I like this model and repainted and decaled it to the champion winning car decoration.




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Lamborghini Reventon Roadster 2009

Production of Lambo's jet-fighter-for-the-street  was set for a run of 15 units, with a price of €1,100,000. The actual price, however, increased twofold to around US$2,100,000, due to high demand. And why this great demand ? Because the car powered by one of the world`s most powerful naturally aspirated motors.  So it has the 670 PS V12 6.5 l engine with 6-speed e-gear semi-automatic and all-wheel drive. The car arrives 330 km/h top speed and needs 3.4 seconds to 100 km/h. Whit the roof down ! The passengers are protected by a deployable roll hoops which quickly extend in the event of a rollover.

The model made by Speedy/China in 1:24 scale.

Enjoy the pictures.







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Bertone Panther 1968

It was a racing prototype for the Brescia Corse Racing Team for the Prototype World Championship. The car was developed with all the newest technical solutions. The body was constructed around a stiff aluminium monocoque with titanium at the high stress areas. Suspension was with wishbones and adjustable dampers all around. The brakes were ventilated discs and the wheels special self-ventilating ones with custom tubeless tyres. The 24 volt electrical system allowed to use lighter conductors. The aerodynamics used a high, wing-shaped spoiler above the cockpit with hydraulic controll of its effect. Originally planned to run a BRM-supplied V12 but the deal fell trough and, with no luck sourcing an engine at Maserati, the Panther project eas quietly abandoned.

The model is made by Majorette/France 1:65 scale. Originally the wing made „functional” – could tilt fore and back. I couldn`t find anyone proper so I scratch built a wing for my model.

Enjoy the pictures.





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Mercedes C 111/II 1970

The Mercedes C 111 line is for experimenting with different engine developments and construction options. The second C111 -  Bruno Sacco’s futuristic styling  - appeared in 1970. It used a four-rotor Wankel  mid-engine producing 350 hp with rear wheel drive and a 5 speed manual gearbox. The experimental features included body of glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) and joining techniques such as adhesive bonding and riveting, multi-link rear suspension and gull-wing doors. The interior was  luxurious with leather trim and air conditioning. The car impressed with their effortlessly superior driving performance, delivering top speed 300 km/h, and could accelerate from a standing start to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. The company decided not to adopt the Wankel engine ultimately and turned to diesel experiments with further C111 variants.


The model made by Guiloy/Spain in 1:24 scale.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_82441.jpg

02 IMG_82351.jpg

03 IMG_82361.jpg

04 IMG_82371.jpg

05 IMG_82411.jpg

06 IMG_82401.jpg

07 IMG_82581.jpg

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On 2/18/2022 at 6:16 PM, keyser said:

Great model of S2. Only acceptable C111 in 1/24 out there. I’ve looked for decent ones for ages, and prefer silver too. C111 series would seem interesting for someone to do. C111 S3 quite prescient and stupid quick. 

There is a Guilloy Mercedes C 112 concept in 1:24 too. Saw only high priced still.

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Ford Thunderbird  1958

There was high time to renew the Thunderbird.  According a Ford-conducted surveys two major changes were made to attract potential buyers: two rear seats were added and the level of luxury and features of a full-sized car were incorporated into a mid-size platform.  The new car got the nickname "Square 'Bird" due to their fairly blocky shape.  Many fans of the earlier, two-seat Thunderbirds were not happy with the new direction. But the new model dramatically expanded in the personal luxury car market, specially after winning the Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1958. The car sat very low to the ground and the driveshaft tunnel in interieur needed a practical and showy covering. The center console was the solution and in addition housed switches, buttons and ashtrays too. The Thunderbird was one of the first American car with center console.

The model is made by Matchbox  scale 1:64. The little toycar was in rather wrong condition. It became polishing of „glasses” and new paintjob.





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Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota 1993

Ferrucio Lamborghini, a tractor manufacturer, founded his sports car factory in 1963. In 1993 they celebrated the 30th anniversary with a Special Edition (SE 30) of the Diablo. The car was rather redesigned: new front bumper design, model-specific exterior finish, huge rear wing, one-off magnezium OZ Racing wheels, 40 HP increased power and for 28 cars the coveted Jota kit which is recognizable by the two scoops incorporated in the engine lid. The original purpose of the Jota trans-kit was to transform the Diablo into a turn-key race car, but the majority of the 28 kits built ended up on street-legal cars after all. There were 150 of these special Diablos built total.

The model made by Maisto 1:24 scale. The model is good detailed but the engine bay is rather   rough -and-ready.

Enjoy the pictures.

01 IMG_8431.jpg

02 IMG_8432.jpg

03 IMG_8433.jpg

04 IMG_8434.jpg

05 IMG_8435.jpg

06 IMG_8437.jpg

07 IMG_8438.jpg

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Chevrolet Corvette Indy Concept 1986

The Indy Concept debuted at the 1986 Detroit auto show. The very long and lean supercar was proudly proclaimed that, this may well be what the fifth-generation Corvette could look like. The Indy's party piece was the 2.65-liter twin-turbo Indy V-8, rumored to put down more than 600 horsepower.  GM tapped Lotus for its hydraulic active suspension., and added four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, traction control,  anti-lock braking system and drive-by-wire steering. Inside were displays mounted on the door handled climate and entertainment info, while a rearview camera made sure that the long rear end didn't bump into anything. There's even a center-mounted CRT cluster that displayed navigation, though during the mid-1980s GPS was limited to military use only. The roadworthy Indy's performance was strong, with zero to 60 mph allegedly taking less than five seconds and its top speed some say 180 mph, but supercars.net states that it’s 210 mph. Today, the experimental vehicle is housed in the General Motors Heritage Center.


The model is made by Motormax in scale 1:24. I made a few detailing by paint and some wiring and plumbing in engine compartment.

chevrolet indy motormax 1-24 4.jpg

chevrolet indy motormax 1-24 5.jpg

chevrolet indy motormax 1-24 1.jpg

chevrolet indy motormax 1-24 2.jpg

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