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Vega GT wheels

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Very nice . The 1:1 Versions' nomenclature is "Circus Wheel" . By changing the Center Cap with the appropriate Emblem they become whatever Car Line Optional upgrade . IIRC , Pintos and Bobcats used the same Rims . Motor Wheels in Detroit was the Manufacturer  of these Gems . Excellent Piece and Kudos .. Thanx 


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As for these being the same as Pinto wheels, no. Pinto, Bobcat and Mustang II, used a slimmer spoke. No bulge.

These wheels were used on the Vega, Starfire, Sunbird, Skyhawk and Monza. Center caps changed and the higher end cars got chrome inserts in the openings.

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On 4/2/2021 at 10:58 AM, George Bojaciuk said:

Here is the GT wheel mocked up on my logo Vega! 
had to re-write this since it was not displaying properly!



Is this wheel truly a 16" wheel? The 1:1 wheel is a 13" wheel, and even with the added circumference when adding the trim ring, it should fall right through a 16" tire with ease. 

Looks like some of the details, especially the length of each raised rib, need more work, too. Note how the ribs nearly reach the trim ring on the 1:1 wheel, and how little space there is between the cooling slot and the trim ring, too:




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I’m very happy to have these wheels. Mustang II wheels just don’t look right!

If these do not meet your standards, it is your choice not to buy them!

The wheels were mocked up into my logo Kammback. The tires are for that specific application, which will have a ‘67 style Rally Wheel. Strictly a visual. Never thinking that it would be judged for accuracy. Never the intent. The trim rings are from a Nova kit that were cut down. Again, a visual representation as I didn’t want to paint or have time to chrome the trim rings provided. I just wanted to see how they looked under a Vega! 
I like to put the options out there and let the builder decide. Sometimes, just a simple pic can really spur creativity!

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Hmmm . Motor City Wheels , Detroit , Mi. Manufactured these Wheels : Vega / Pinto / Bobcat / Astra /  Sunbird/ Skyhawk / Starfire . The Brand Specific Center Caps and Trim Rings made these Badge Engineered be known as "Circus Wheels" . Wow.. nice castings IMHO . Do you cast these or the RWL Poly Belt Tires ? If not , may I have your source please ?  Thanx

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