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Guys, as you know there is a Fotki site up with the pics of the Chopper build off

Now comes the tough part.

I need high res shots/pics of the choppers, sent to me.

I don't want to give away anything, so I think the fairest thing to do is for everyone to send in high res images and we can print the results.

I know, this is online and such, but we have 20,000 other readers (okay, I fudge the numbers a bit) out there who want to see who won, what was entered, and ideas for their projects.

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This is the chopper i am currently build. it has a single sided rear end and will hopefully if i can work it out have a suicide shifter. i have named it Black death. I know some people won't like it but i love matt colours and rat rods so they are my insperations here!!! This is just a mockup nothing glued as yet and i need to work on the paint abit, But it is rat after all !


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Just when you though you've seen it all along comes this last bike. WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!

Amazing, I love this thing . . . it's unlike any bike (real or model) I've seen out there.

Beautiful work, and thanks for sharing the eye candy.

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