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1/16 scale pre wired distributor

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I thought this would be easy to find but I am not having any luck locating one. I need one for the Green Elephant funny car. I have a magneto but the car needs a distributor. Any know who makes one ?  Thank you

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I'm pretty sure the Green Elephant used a magneto as most of the nitro and alcohol racers did and still do, because you don't need a battery with magnetos as they produce the current nedded for the spark themselves, and some of the early magnetos looked like regular distributors like Cirello and Scheifer.

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The magneto in the Revell funny car kits is a Mallory Super Mag 1.  The Super Mag transformer (coil) is separate - Revell molded it into the front of the block on the RH side of the front cover.  The transformer connects to the center terminal of the cap.  I don't think this is detailed in the instructions.

See the source image


more detailed copies of the Mallory wiring diagram and instructions are on the web. probably a lot on the HAMB

photo from ebay -

Item image

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