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Revell Monogram '57 Vette .

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Hello Everyone . We purchased this kit second hand .  Just getting started with the engine/trans assembly , some fit up issues .

                              How old is this kit ? Bottom side panel has 1998 , distributed Revell AG , Germany .

                             Unfortunately the windshield wipers are molded into bottom of the windshield frame and they're hardly noticeable .

                               Any aftermarket sets available that you know of ? We had a brief look at the forums, " Aftermarket List ", and I was hoping to

                             not have to go through it to find something .

                              Thoughts , opinions or helpful tips with kit anyone ? Any pointers are appreciated .






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19 hours ago, rob1957 said:

 Any aftermarket sets available that you know of ?

Did you mean for the whole model, or just the windshield wipers? I wouldn't worry about aftermarket for this competent but unspectacular kit. Build it out of the box, do your best with what's there, and have fun with it. Save aftermarket and superdetailing for something more worthy of serious efforts. Just my opinion, worth exactly what you paid for it. B) Model on! 

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I think you're correct with that one Snake . Having a closer look at what we've got here ie; molded battery , one piece frame and exhaust etc.

 We'll build what's here and let'er go at that .

Kit cost us 15$ CDN in antique store but we'll have fun with it .

 Thanks everyone . And a Happy Thanksgiving  to our American modeler friends .

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