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First build of 2022 - Tamiya's (vintage!) Datsun 280ZX


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23 minutes ago, asfastasu said:

Nice buildup. Was watching your WIP on this one and it suddenly appeared here!! Did you use Tamiya light blue pearl on the body? Anyway the color suits it. Good job.

You are correct!  Tamiya Light Blue :)

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Guess I should have mentioned - I totally buggered the "glass" by trying to tint it with Tamiya smoke.  I've had great success with this in the past, but for whatever reason this was diaster and I wasn't able to salvage the kit's glass.  So, I cut new pieces from clear K&S plastic sheet.  The shiny bits are all Alclad II; although the wheels are as they come in the kit - sort of a flat aluminum plating (which is quite nice).  I lost one of the pins for the front wheels, so I fashioned one from styrene rod.  Decent, I guess.  At least from a few feet away.  

I ended up stripping the original paint.  I used Tamiya red oxide primer and Tamiya light metallic blue for the exterior.  If you look closely, you'll see some trash in the paint around the rockers and the tail panel.  Since the red oxide shows through slightly, I think it ended up looking like a car that is being driven daily, but needs some work.  I decided to let it ride.  I have one more of these - in Pace Car markings, although the decals are shot.   The Pace Car version includes T-Tops and different wheels.   Uhm....? 


Nissan Fairlady 280ZT Pace Car, Tamiya 24035 (1983)

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