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GMC Syclone - Kustom Coca Cola edition

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Finished back in May. Built from a started (quite sad) Revell original 1992 issue. It was quite glued up in places, the frame and hood were badly warped, and parts of the body and fender flares/side trim were cracked and (sloppily) reglued together. Sanding and filler took care of most of the heavy glue and broken joints on the body and cab, and an old '92 S-10 builder raided for parts had a pristine hood and a much better frame to work with. Unfortunately, the V6 and 4WD was so badly gunked up with glue and not only a motor swap was in order, but a conversion to RWD also needed.

Front suspension was taken and modified from a C5 'Vette, and rear suspension modded and extended from a AMT '95 Camaro. An LT1 was also sourced from the AMT '95 Camaro with a custom Vortech supercharger setup made from an old turbo and curved sprue. Valve covers and headers came from the 350 in the AMT '34 Ford Coupe. The stock exhaust was badly glue smeared and in pieces, so a custom side exhaust was made using mufflers and stuff from the spares bin and sprue. Other parts like radiator, seats, steering wheel, came from the spares bin.

Brakes, wheels are from an old X-mods set sitting on the rear custom tires from a Revel MCM '02 Camaro. 

A 2011 issue of the Syclone had extra decals from a leftover build and were used to replace the badly water damaged ones in the started '92 issue. Also had spare Coca Cola decals from a AMT Ford Pinto, so figured why not use those and make a CC Syclone!

Exterior is Tamiya TS-74 Clear Red over Rustoluem Aluminum, cleared with Pledge. TBH, the red and black are true Coca Cola colors as the whites are only accents and not used on interiors like R2 tends to do.






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