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Reference pics of recent NASCAR engines?


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Does anyone have any recent reference pics of Cup engines? I’m building a Salvino’s Next Gen and would like some engine pics for painting and wiring. Specifically, what color are Chevy oil pans? What is the current Hendrick valve cover logo? What do the headers look like; are they wrapped or bare metal?
Any help appreciated. 

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Type in Chevrolet R07 on Google and you will find lots of pictures.
The R07 came in 2007 and is an engine developed just for NASCAR, all Chevrolet engines used in NASCAR Cup are built by Richard Childress Racing and Hendrick Motorsports.
However, the R07 engine has evolved some since 2007 and they use fuel injection instead of carburetors, and individual coils instead of a distributor nowadays, otherwise the basic engine is pretty much the same.
Noteworthy is that all Ford FR9 engines used in NASCAR Cup nowadays are built by Roush-Yates and the Toyota teams get their engines from TRD in California...all are specially developed for NASCAR and not available in any street car.. ."Stock" yeah right.🙄

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