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M W Elky

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I built this from a combination of a old glue bomb of a mpc 1969 mustang, and the latest issue of the mpc Malco gasser kit. The only parts saved from the old glue bomb are the body from the cowl back. The rest is the malco gasser kit . The decals are slixx. It seems like it wouldn’t be to difficult for round 2 to tool up a cowl back 1969 mustang body to better fit this front end. Of course they could really blow us away and tool up a twin turbocharged boss 429 , and some fold up store 7E02289B-564E-4AEA-8C53-A9230318E4AF.thumb.jpeg.d6d426a36a92c82222588687e32bfb37.jpegB313E275-1462-4B1F-8313-761E5B8D2B13.thumb.jpeg.a09a0e36c788aa91dcd8fa0f70be0440.jpeg37374705-4B32-4946-8364-3CE70AA1DC23.thumb.jpeg.e95398702da56e548f347c3a740213fe.jpeg8B4FC5A3-6852-496B-8F15-7A7A3653C952.thumb.jpeg.03e80d437d78ecc5a23cf26073f45b94.jpeg613259EB-1061-4998-BB1D-80CE5551F43F.thumb.jpeg.826e3f88fe400c5e8e9cd30a83d43da0.jpegdisplay’s .We can only hope they get to that level of cool.  Thanks for looking 👀 and your comments.  Mike 

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