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1978ish firebird


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Going to use one of texas 3d's magnuson supercharged Ls engines and the smaller rims. I'm using a larger set of wheels for mock ups so it will sit lower once complete. the front seats will be from a revell ferrari as the trim is a pretty good match for the bird. the front wheel tubs will be getting new tops and i'll fabricate a cover for the rad with the stock hood so i can keep the ridge detail and have something that you might see from the roadster shop. not sure about colour yet but the wheel arches, skirts and splitters will be in carbon





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1 hour ago, SpikeSchumacher said:

Looking good Les! I have one of those C1 trans kits in my stash as well 😉


when you get to it, take care with the passenger side arches. i had to remove and fit them again. you need to remove all traces of the original arch molding on the rear arches or they wont fit flush. i missed a tiny piece of them and thus had to redo them. the front arches i found fit over the stock arch molding and fit well so i'll grind them away once i have tyres for the wheels. the front bumper is a half mm wider than the kit front so it needs the lower sides of the body pulled out a fraction. and the front lower edge of the rear arches doesn't sit flush with the body but once the side skirts are on its wont be seen anyway. its not that things dont fit, just they need some fine tuning. the hood will need some shping to fit so what i did was get it softened with hot water them taped it between the 2 hoods from the kit. i got it close but it still needs a little more curve at the front and flattened a little in the middle. I might cut one of the kit hoods into underhood support to help keep its shape but before that i need to move the engine back 6 mm.

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