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My '66 Chevelle SS


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In September of 1966 as an almost 20 year old and after selling my '57 Chevy Bel Air I walked into the Chevy dealer in Metairie, LA (suberb) of New Orleans and made the deal to purchase by beloved '66 SS. The salesman was the Sales Manager and kind of famous AA/FD driver/owner in the Southeast who actually at the time had set the record for fastest Chevy engined dragster. 

She was optioned with bucket seats, console, AM radio, positraction, red line tires and sintered metallic brakes and 4-speed. NO power options. Engine was the standard 325hp 396. With the metallic brakes it was a bear to stop until they warmed up. Countless times I had 2 feet on the brake pedal to stop.  

I did take her down the 1/4 mile quite a few times at LaPlace Dragway (outside of New Orleans) and Gulfport, MS dragstrip...best E.T. as I recall was 15.4.

Not long after I took delivery the engine rear seal went out, losing as much as a quart of oil in a day's time.  The dealer replaced the seal but after 3 times having to have the seal replaced they decided it was time for a replacement shortblock.  To this day I think she was faster after the replacement shortblock. I often wondered it they actually put the 360hp shortblock in it.

That being said, for what it's worth, I set out to build a replica of that car as it looked when I picked it up at the dealership.  Paint is Createx Opaque Black cleared with Rustoleum Automotive Crystal Clear acrylic lacquer.  The Wheels with hub caps are resin. The bumpers without guards are from Harts Parts painted with Molotow.  Tiires are from Fireball.  Getting those redlines painted was no picnic.




In progress is a version of this car with mods I made over the years I owned it.

Thanks for looking!!!!




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