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1/24 & 1/25 Scratchbuild engine stands?

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Howdy folks,

Just wondering if anyone had any good pictures of any scratchbuilt engine stands.

I acquired quite a collection of 1/24 & 1/25 engines and would like to display them.

I had found a few ideas awhile back online (before signing up for Model Car Mag's Forums) but they seem to look....like....things that were poorly build to look like engine stands and not authentic representations.

Any ideas or pictures would be appreciated.

I sure enjoy the new community I am discovering, this is my first post, and much thanks to any that care to reply!!


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:P Hi Mike, welcome to the best forum on the web!!!!

You will find that good people will reply to this with great ideas.

Are you wanting to scratchbuild the stands?? You can find them on evilbay for a good price.There are several diorama resin casters that have them also.

One that comes to mind that might have them is Scale modeling by Chris.

There is another caster that I can't think of that is good also.If you want,I can find his site and send it to you.

If you are going a different way, good luck to you as I can't help you there.I have trouble scratchbuilding my food!!! :P :P

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Hi George,

Thanks for your reply, I would like to try my hand at building before I resort to buying. Have an old article I found online, might just try sprue or evergreen, just not too sure how to make it look realistic.

Also, I've seen the stands where it looks like they are attached to transmission and holds weight of entire trans. and block, does that exist in 1:1 world, I have never seen that before.

Thanks. Mike

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Sounds like your talking about a work stand as opposed to a engine dolly. The dolly is usually a small square item about the same size as the motor with four casters on it and a couple of solid mounts that mount to the motor mount points of the engine (usually). The work stand hold the motor up, usually by the bellhousing mounts and have a rotating head so you can access all parts of the motor when building it. These hold the motor at a height so you can work on them when your standing. There is also various types of motor display stands in some of the kits like the AMT '57 Chevy. They don't tend to mount the motor realistically but look nice. Do some research on real ones, grab some plastic angle stock or square stock, or even sprues and go to town. I built one out of sprue and scrap plastic with casters made of can aluminum and plastic wheels cut from, yup, you guessed it, more plastic sprues... Even put a little tray on it and had a rotating head. Good luck and show pictures.

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There are probably different configurations you can come up with as there are engine builders. Using Evergreen or Plastistrut shapes will let your imagination run wild. Or, let you fabricate some 1:1 you've seen.

I made a quick, simple engine stand out of some I beams, channel and angle iron. Just made it as if it was hacked out what was around the shop at the time. It's in this wip post on the engine build

.. just something to seed your thoughts. B)

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