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What shall we build today ?

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Having being a Supervisor at the Truck & Bus Plant here in Dayton, Ohio where the S10 Truck was originally built and then the Blazer I have spent many days in current era Assembly plants. Seeing this old footage was inspiring. The clean floors and teamwork were great. If you have never been in an ass,y plant it is well worth it to go to an open house some time.

The cars looked like Fords but I think they were overseas cars. What were they?????

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Superb footage!

As it happens often nowadays, I only wish they would have left away this stupid wellness spa muzak which always makes me want to reach for a chainsaw. Hence I have to turn off the sound and watch it as a silent movie. Why can't they just leave the 'natural' sound?

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I'm not 100% sure, but from what I can tell I think those are 36 Dodge/Plymouths being built. Independant front suspentions, paralel leaf springs, flathead inlile 6, sure seems like the mid 30's Mopar set up. The footage could be Lynch Road or Hamtramic factory.

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