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Mercedes SLS AMG (Revell)


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Hi, here are images from my current build of a Mercedes SLS AMG. I am aiming to paint it silver despite the instructions specifying that it should be finished in red!





I will post more pics as soon as keep working on it.


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Silver is always good on a Mercedes. But Mercedes no longer offers basic, standard paint options on this car. If you have an airbrush, how about the new Mercedes Aluma-Beam painted with Alclad or Krylon chrome? All new versions of this car are done either with a chrome-like base for various colors or a semigloss/matte finish for charcoal (NATO black recommended).



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I have resolved to try an aluminium colour to see if that will work. Thanks for the recommendation. I have just ordered the remaining paints I need to finish this build so am fully intending to post more updates shortly!

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Guest Sickfish

G'day Moray! Good to see someone else is working on 1 of these! It's a really good kit eh? I'm doing a custom version... In red....! Mercedes might not like it but it's Marenello Red ;-) Lol! Mine's got everything ready to go but as you do I've had to wait for the paint to dry, then clear-coats etc. Gave it a wet-sand last night & hopefully ready for a custom matte black stripe from front to rear, either today or my day off tomorrow :-) It's in this section ( workbench ) if you'd like to take a peek? ;-)

Mate I couldn't help noticing, you don't use an air-brush?? The engine bay look's brush painted?

Cheers, Cliffo.

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On January 2nd 2012 I finally finished my Mercedes SLS AMG build. I really wanted to get it done before going back to work so had one crazy painting session until 4am on New Years Day.

I am relieved to have it finished and really pleased with how the Metallic Silver (Revell 90) paintwork came out.

Hope you all enjoy it!








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Guest Sickfish

Mirage, mate you've done a solid job considering its all by brush! Good stuff mate. Mine's coming along, gotta throw some clear on it yet...


And just so ya know, I've got both R8s ( Revell Euro) on the bench too...


( HOK Cinnamon )


( HOK Ultra Orange, with vents/roof in Matte black )

Cheers Cliffo... Post your R8 build mate & build for yourself & don't worry about who look's & say's nothing, it's just how it is... Derive pleasure from the build not who seem's/comments ;-)

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I have had lots of views, not too many comments though.

Looking forward to starting my new Revell build in a few weeks time. An Audi R8.

Of course I will keep you all posted. :)

The low number of responses may be due to the fuzzy pictures, which make it hard to study. If you back the camera away some more, then crop into the shots, it would be easier to get a good look at the model.

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Cheers Sickfish, glad you like it. Your SLS is looking great already. My R8 kit has all arrived, am hoping to start on it bright and early tomorrow, safe to say, I am excited to get started.

Skip I didn't mean the lack of comments was a negative thing. My wife has just got a new Olympus camera with tons of zoom so I am hoping to publish some sharper images when my R8 build is in progress.

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