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1932 B400


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My second completed build of the year was started as part of the Hot Rod CBP build at the end of 2011.

I began with a Jimmy Flintstone resin body and interior and combined these with the remnants of a Revell Speedwagon kit and an MCG photoetch sheet.

Paint is straight from the rattlecan, Tamiya Dark Metallic Blue with Corsa Grey on the roof, which looks more like Corsa Blue to my tired old eyes. The wheels/tyres are from the Revell 'California Wheels' 1967 Chevelle. I actually ended up modifying the Revell interior to fit the body and painted this Tamiya Light Pearl Blue and Dark Metallic Blue.

Aluminium tube was used to create the front and rear spreader bars (rear one not visible on photo ;))

And yes, it has already been pointed out that maybe I should have bobbed the rear fenders - the same was said about my fendered AMT Phantom Vicky last year - maybe I'll do it next time before I paint and glue the fenders to the chassis :rolleyes:.

Thanks for looking.




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Great model and greatly build. I have one on my workbench right now too, that is going in almost identical direction, but with different wheels and colors. It is also cool to see that you have used the exact same PE stoplights that I just put on my 3day-attempt-Vicky and at the exact same location.

I would wholeheartedly agree with the above comment that your model looks like it came out of Coddington's shop.

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Just ordered one of these myself. Glad you DID NOT bob the rear fenders. Mine will have stock bumpers though; resto- rod type. You did a SUPER nice job on this! Thanks for sharing.

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With the gas tank and the rails coming out in the back, I think that the bobbed fenders are purely a matter of personal taste. However if you make it all smooth and tucked underneath in the back (like in my case) then the fenders really need to be cut a little. But on a somewhat traditional build like the one we have here I think it looks just fine with the regular fenders. Just my 2 cents.

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Wow!! That really looks the business, and super smooth paint too. Looks like something right outta Coddington's shop.

Thanks Dave, you hit the proverbial nail on the head. The 'fresh out of the shop' look is exactly what I go for in my builds. I can't do rusty/patina.

However, I have nothing but admiration for the talented builders on this forum who produce fantastic builds of weathered vehicles. I just prefer mine shiny (like someone else I could mention!)

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Slick build. I'm with the un-bobbed crowd. I'm glad ya didn't.

How was the JF body? Did it require much effort?

Thanks Gluhead (and everyone else)

The body was too wide at the bottom and had to be 'reshaped' by immersing alternately in hot water and then cold, all the while being wrapped in rubber bands to preserve the body in its correct shape.

A filler piece was then added to the cowl to act as a mounting point for the firewall. It was well worth the effort though, it came out all right in the end :)


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