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57 chevy pro mod w.i.p (updates 11/11/12)


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Yup, those slicks are huge. I originally thought you'd never get them under that body but you proved me wrong and I'm thrilled they fit as this build is outta da park. Keep at it and sending us updates.

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thanks alot fellas, for all the nice comments... a small update.. I got the rear wheelie bar done.. I chose to go with a single bar setup.. I also got the master cylinder and front brake lines done, I still need to add the line to run to the rear brakes, the master cylinder is from the parts box, a top fuel kit.. I also made a drive shaft tunnel from a soda can.. thanks for looking anf comments welcome..






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Alright fellas.. back on this one...lol... I made up some rear wheel tubbs from styrene and added carbon fiber decals.. I added dzus tabs to the floor and to the front end... I also found a resin pulley from one of the Ross gibson oil pumps in my parts box and

I said to myself this is the perfect for the wheel for my wheelie bar.. after sanding and drilling out the holes, it worked out great here's a few mock up pics... thanks for looking and comments welcome..






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