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Hopefully this works..... Here are seven subjects that I have built, all of the road racing topic. Four real, three "phantoms"..... Enjoy!


This is the Champion Porsche GTS entry from the 24 hours of Daytona. Tamiya of course, with Umi decals, and some wiring inside the cockpit and a scratch built neon number indicator in the right side window behind the drivers seat. Other than modifying the roll cage to IMSA spec, the rest of the kit is OOB.


Hasegawa AAR Toyota OOB.


Monogram Chaparral OOB with aftermarket decals, mostly Cady.


Revell Viper, with Le Mans Miniatures wheels, tires and brakes, aftermarket decals, vac form roof I sold through Penguin Productions, parts bok wing and interior bits.


Phantom IMSA GTO Ford Escort built for a GPMA Phantom contest. Mostly OOB Tamiya rally Escort with Tamiya Ford Focus wheels and tires, and NASCAR aftermarket decals.


Tamiya Mini Cooper done up as an older SCCA Production class car. Pretty much box stock, save the Weber carb and airdam. Clock Work lettering dry rub transfers, with a bunch of parts box decals. The tires are the Mini's rally tires with the tread completely sanded off.


The single most ambitious build to date. A phantom PSCR World Sports car based upon a Tamiya Tamtech RC body. About twenty different kits gave parts to this car. The basic tub was scratch built. The drive train is mostly from a Monogram Buick V6 Indy car with out the turbo induction, the front suspension was mostly fron the Monogram Mustang GTP.

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Now those are some really cool model kits, you work looks very nice. You did a good job posting pictures, I only wish once you clicked on them they were bigger. I would really like to see the Porsche and the last one up close. Thanks for sharing

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The mini and the "phantom" World Sports car were the last two all out heavy on the detail builds I've done, and they were from a few years back. I like the Mini a lot due to my continued trips to Road America for SCCA club racing fixes. I also have another phantom from a while back of ficticous AAR IMSA GTU car. Not my best work, but another full build. If there is interest, I'll post pics of it as well. I also plan on posting some in the work projects I'm excited about.....

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I've had in the back of my head turn six at RA as a great diorama. An up hill under a bridge to a tight left hander. I have a bunch of file photos for just this thing. Problem is it'd be pretty big, and I'd have no good place to display it...:(

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Here are some additional detail pics of the phantom World Sports car:


A front 3/4 view of the Phantom WSC


The tub was completely scratsh built and the parts box was liberally raided for the interior.


The engine bay featuring a normally aspirated Buick V-6 from the Mac Tools Indy car. Again, the parts box was liberally raided...

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