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2013 Cannonball Run CBP

Nick Winter

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Got the frame sprayed, mounted the engines, made some exhaust pipes and scratch built two seats. I got and idea for paint on the body so after it warns up a little I'll start on that and also finish up the frame.


As long as nothing drastic happens the hot rod should make it to the starting line as well.

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Finally I got some primer over the Torino Talladega. The modifications that I did for the inner fenders to make the Pro Charger fit needed a couple of rounds of filling and sanding before they looked good.


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Been out of town for a few days, looks like I've missed some excellent building!

Hi All, I am new to this forum, mostly model 1/32 but I have done a few 1/43 and 1/24 - 1/25 - I take it this CBP can be any scale? If so I will enter with a Heller 1/43 Mercedes 450 rallye car, as it already has Rallye stickers its a start to getting it looking like a cannonball car - Also I should be able to get it finished by Dec 1st - If Ok to enter let me know please

Thanks Wayne

Pic of kit

Okey Dokey as long as you think you can make the deadline!

My Cannonball car is finished , I'm hoping the cops don't notice it :)


I have a soft spot for '70-'72 Dusters, this one is top notch and a true sleeper, makes me want to drag out one of the 4 or 5 AMT kits I have kicking around!


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Can I rejoin...again? lol


Hopefully this isn't too far along? Big block will be ditched in favor of LSX, and I'm not so sure if I'm keeping the color yet. Thinking maybe silver. Beside that, the chassis is painted with very little suspension work done..but some of the rear will have to be redone to fit some fatter tires in if I go that route.

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Is that a pentagram on your cutting mat Andy?

Are you carrying out demonic tuning?

You're all doing very well.

Not well enough to get there before me of course but very well all the same. :P

I've been scratchbuilding 2 iPhone 5s and an iPad which will be dash mounted and which my co-driver (Kari Byron this year) will use to navigate, check for roadblocks and shop on e-bay for weapons.

I've also been hand painting the side and window trim. This has reminded me why I don't often build anything this modern.


Decals are now ready to print as well.

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check for roadblocks and shop on e-bay for weapons.

Is anyone else a little concerned at how casually he said this? :blink:

Seriously though awesome detailing Fred, can't wait to see it with the decals.

Awesome progress Andy, I need to make one of those pentagrams too and curse my hot rod to eternal life or something so it doesn't run out of gas. :D

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I hope you guys can get your cars done in time, it'll be a awesome line up.

As for me the GTX is a for sure, should have it done by the middle of next week.

The Hot Rod is looking grim though.

I had to pull the engines off the hot rod to pull the valve covers off and re-spray them, I also forgot to put the starters on. I'm having a few issues with plumbing the radiator for the back engine as well. Also having some problems with the interior, it not making it is slowly becoming reality. But don't completely count it out yet there's still 2 seeks so we'll see.

Best of luck everyone!

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All the models are looking great. Man, that Duster is going to be tough to beat.

My aspirations died months ago, but maybe I can ride in the back seat of Fred's Land Cruiser.

You're more than welcome Erik. Just make sure your shots are up to date...

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