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Tamiya Supra race version with street version engine bay and passenger cabin, and Ferrari Modena rear end sectioned and grafted on.






Wow! I think if you gave that thing some fuel & spark, it would run! Amazing detail, awesome job!

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I did my first 'Tuner' recently I've not built one before in my 40+ years of modelling.....



I basically built a new chassis and added all of the kit bits onto it and adding tuner rims and tyres. I tinted the rear side glass as it's illegal to tint front side windows in the UK, but also you can't see anything inside if you tint them all,so why put anything in! I also put only one wiper on the front as some touring car racers do here.

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Here are a few recent builds of mine. Nissan 350Z/Tamiya TS-56 Brilliant Orange/19 inch Volk G-2's, Subaru Impreza WRC (minus decals)/Tamiya TS-50 Mica Blue/Stock wheels, Mugen Acura Integra/ Tamiya TS-47 Chrome Yellow/ 17 inch Volk TE-37's.

Comments, suggestions, criticism always welcomed. Still trying to learn here...

Thanks for looking.








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I have a few tuners to share, I was into them for a while but have moved back into muscle cars lately. Anyway here is the collection I have that are done, many more to be done... Of course.

Tamiya R34 Skyline- Tamiya TS-50 Metallic Blue, Testors High Gloss Clear Coat

Tamiya 3000GT/ GTO VR-4- Testors Dark Green Metallic, Testors High Gloss Clear Coat

Tamiya Lancer EVO-7 RallyArt WRC- Testors Burnt Orange Metallic, Testors High Gloss Clear Coat, No Rally Decals

Aoshima R32 Skyline drift series- Tamiya Gun Metal, U-POL UV Resistant Clear Coat

Revell Integra Type- R- Krylon Short Cuts Bright Yellow, Krylon Satin Black, Kit Decals

Revell Integra Type-R- Duplicolor Mirror Image Purple/ Green, Duplicolor Clear Coat

Revell Civic SI- Testors Gloss Black, Krylon Satin Black

AMT Eclipse Fast and the Furious- Testors Sublime Green, Testors High Gloss Clear Coat, Krylon Satin Black, Kit decals








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