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Revell 48 Woody

Tom Kren

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Tom thats so koool

Thompson, that is Icy! Now I build my woody. Now. What I put behind it (trailerwise) is next, but I am inspired.

When a journeyman Ford specialist in '64, I was asked to look at a friend's little brother's '47 Merc Station Wagon. He was going surfing daily, a 32-mike trek over the hill (highway 17) to Santa Cruz, from our home base in Santa Clara, CA.

The Merc had a 5/16"X1/4 flattie, (276", '49 Merc crank) Edelbrock Super intake, 2 Stromberg 97s, Edelbrock 9:1 finned heads...it was getting warm running uphill at 60, with a full load of "wharf rats" and their boards.

A recent black-laquered restoration, I passed on the 'latest rage', the small block Chevy...instead, I swung a 364 inch Cad, with a 'ring' adaptor, and retained the Merc tranny. Dual exhaust and the factory Carter 4-bbl netted H.P. and torque sufficient to pull the steep hill in high gear, no strain.

"That's No hot rod", the sidewalk critics said. I thought it was classic and beautiful. It was right.

Tried and proven. And it remained 6 volt. Pure.

Lucky me, there are 1/25 Cads galore, many sources! And they fit the Woodies like they were meant to go in there. Hey, there were Caddies in there before Chevies ever saw Ford engine rooms!

And there were Oldses...but that was another story...God, I love this hobby!!!

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