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1983 Mustang GT Outlaw 10.5

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This is a build I've had in the works for quite a while now. Started on the MPC 1983 Mustang GT with a Revell SN95 chassis and interior tub swap. Kept it as a stock suspension chassis with a big engine, a 9" rear, and some 275 drag radials, got to a point where I didn't like where it was heading, mostly the way the scratchbuilding on the interior was coming together, so in the closet it went. Finally pulled it back out and commenced on it. Decided to back half it to fit "31x 10.5x 15" slicks, so I cut off the rear of the chassis, built a new 2x4 rear frame section, added tubes throughout the chassis for strength, x member to attach the soon to be 4 link arms and driveline loop, and took a set of medium width Monogram slicks and sanded down the tread to achieve an actual 10.5 mm wide (10.5"). Plus, I just had to join all the fox Mustang drag car builds, they are actually what made me get this thing back out. Using tips and tricks I've seen from all of them, thanks for the inspiration. Anyway, here is some pics of where it was at before, wrong way facing sump and all. haha




Under the knife it goes!



And the new chassis work.






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The engine is a 429 from the Revell Torino Cobra, but for this build I'm calling it a 557ci stroked BBF, resin C6 auto trans and motorsport valve covers, scratch built intake manifold, headers, big single turbo and all plumbing (street front mount intercooler setup), smooth front inner fenders, a outlaw cowl hood (still not done), and a tube k member, but I will be cutting off the stock a arms that are there now and will build tube arms. I will be working on the front and rear suspension over the next few days to have it on 4 tires again, much meaner look its going to have I'm thinking. Here is some pics of the rest of the build.










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I really like the the ford stamped valve covers, a guy on fee bay sells the older looking pro stock type, plane an a few others for like 1.50 or so, thy are the bid slanted type, look bad as heck, its like BnL resin or something like that, but the ford covers are sweet, nice build so far

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Been a few weeks, made a small bit of progress worth showing. To be honest I've been preoccupied with another project I started a while ago. Anyway, I scratchbuilt from different sizes of styrene rod, Art Morrison style ladder bars, with pinion angle adjusters, and all the rod ends, also the mount plates for the frame and on the rear axle. I still have to make a rear brace for the axle housing, the coilovers, and a panhard bar, but the rear end is set where it will be.




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