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r/m 67 Camaro..... Outlaw..of course... (updates 02/18/15)


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Whats up fellas,,,, I've been working on this for about a week now... It's the new camaro kit from revell, one reason I sold the gold one was because I knew this kit was coming and I wanted to try one of these...I will be using wheels from Micro Nitro, and the chassis is pretty much done......





here I've got it all cut open...


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Awesome! Do you stretch the rear wheel wells on your builds? What slicks do you use?

Fred I took a dremel tool and slowly stretched them.... the slicks are from the pro sportsman kit... I sand the sidewalls to give them more of a rounded look....

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What about side by side crank mounted prochargers? I've seen a few online and it looks just insane. I could donate a shucky cog drive procharger if need be if the twin idea is something you'd be into. Heres a couple for a little inspiration. And oh yeah, bring you're pipe wrench cause you have some serious plumbing to do haha.



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Ted.. that's the floor pan from the pro sportsman kit.. I removed the raised beads on the tubbs and floor, and I cut the trunk floor area off, and make one from sheet styrene, and I also trim down the firewall... and thanks for the compliment...

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