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Ford 31 Model A RatRod


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Hi guys,

as I finished early my job yesterday, I went (again :0) to my hobby store buy a new kit....

I finally bought a Ford 31 Model A "Ratrod" which doesn't looks like a ratrod on the box!!

When I first got home, I told my wife I won't open the box until we come back from vacation ( 2 weeks in Japan, we leave tomorrow..).

Unfortunately, someone (me) could not resist to "just" have a look...

At the end, here is what I did..Lol

Quick Mockup for you guys, Adjustment has to be done on the roof, and I cut the frame in 3 pieces.

Now I am wondering if you won't make a new frame from scratch?!

Thanks Acegarage Guy for is tutorial on Zeed Frame.

Thanks for watching







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WOW ! And I thought I worked fast , nice start that kit will make a nice rat rod . the frame looks like you are on the right track maybe not so much z in the frame .you can change the front suspension to get the low stance you are after .cut the spring off the drop straight axle and shave the spring down to one or two leafs and mount it behind the axle ,it you don,t want to make your own trailing arms you can cut the wish bone at the trans mount and use them glue them to the side of the frame you are making a suicide front suspension the spring would get monted on a L bracket in front of the radiator ,this will lower the front end .I,ll post a pic of what I mean .I used the same set up on my 26 T that is posted here as well ,hope this helps .

2ryr8l3.jpg used the 32 axle ,

2cpx0du.jpg I used air bags on this one but you would not have to .

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aah cool same exact kit i used !! and .... nice start !!!! this kit is just awsome i def. want to get a nother one in the future ..

to go real low you have to really go big with the rear of the chassis lol

here is how i went about it > bit of inspiration ?


i went for airride :)




and i choosed not to z the front but go for a front mounted axle and adjust the hight there


made it like a puzzle , the floor is already inbetweeh the chassis


that way there is enough clearance / room inside


in the end this was the chassis with floor and stuff


and the room inside was plenty .. (not finished on this pic .. but you saw this one right ?


but so many ways and styles to do this kit .. curious on the rest you will come up with :)

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bpletcher55; Thank you for the pics, it helps a lot, I didn't know this technique

thank you Richard for your pics and advices.

I think I am not gonna go with Z frame anymore at the front, and simply cut the wishbone in half, mounted on the frame and mont the front axle with a L bracket on the frame and adjust the height.

Awesome Guys.

I am also gonna open the roof, and do some carpentry after...

Anyway, now is vacation time so I'll see you in 2 weeks.

thank you


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...and mount the front axle with a L bracket on the frame and adjust the height.

That "L bracket" has a name in the hot-rod world. It's called a "suicide" spring mount. It got it's moniker back in the days when some of the welding and fab work wasn't all the way up to snuff, and the mount, which takes a lot of bending loads from being cantilevered off of the front crossmember...broke off...with pretty disastrous consequences if you were moving rapidly.

Still, it's one of my favorite means of hanging a solid, leaf-spring front axle.



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  • 5 months later...

All right, so today I've done some work.

First, I did some wood work for the roof.

I had some wood from another project, so I decided to cut it in half, draw the pattern of the roof on a sheet of paper, and simply cut the wood on the line.

after that, I wanted to make a rack for the surf board.

Some more work has to be done on it.

Second, I paint the engine. I will have to check online if I can find how I can wire the engine.


i had an old gas tank from a pick up. As it was too wide, I cut it shorter. I would like to install the gas tank under the back seat, near to the rear axle. I still do not know if I am gonna do it.

And to finish, I extended the piece (I do not know the name in english, if french too actually lol) that goes front the front axle to the "frame",and a really quick mock up.

thank you guys.















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