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As an avid SK fan I would be remiss if I didn't do a model of my favorite movie car.

And right out of the gate she took up her namesake.

Pix first...





Air cleaners, dual carbs, and intake manifold from the Chrysler 300C kit. I loved the detail AMT put into those parts, they really make the engine look right. BMF'ed the air cleaners for the chromed look, left the intake silver and painted the valve covers gold (just my take on the engine...).





Body done in Tamiya Gray primer, lightly sanded, then sprayed with a coat of Tamiya White primer, smoothed out again. I started with Tamiya Matt White paint until I had a nice even white color on the upper half of the body, then masked off the roof for the next phase. I then laid down a coat of Tamiya Italian Red to the whole body, then a problem (more on that later), caused me to sand the problem area and shoot the whole model with a top coat of Model Master Flame Red. The darker Flame Red helped fix the problem perfectly and gave her a more "blood red" look. After masking the body panels. I shot the trim with Taimya Gloss Aluminum so that I would have a nice even look to the paint on her side panels, then coated the body with Future clear after some light sanding. This gave the flat white on the roof the glossy look it needed, and it sharpened up the red on the body as well. BMF will be next on the body to detail the trim.

Now, beforehand I mentioned something about this one model living up to her namesake. The first thing that happened was I was using my motor drill pin vise to drill a small hole in the back of the block to fit the distributor since I was no longer using the kit's own manifold. During the test fitting/drilling/test fitting stage, the dizzy popped out from between my fingers and hit the floor. Of course, I'm not building the kit molded in RED so I could SEE the RED part on a cream colored carpet.


I have to be building the older, nicer, cleaner BELVEDERE kit with the CREAM-COLORED parts.

So first thing for the sacrifice... one tiny distributor.

I grabbed the one out of the red molded kit and grumbled profusely, angering her worse. More on the "paint sacrifice" later.

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Thanks all! Appreciate the comments!

Alright, I'm going to bed. I need to put the front and rear plates on her but she's pretty much done. A BIG SHOUTOUT to Richard aka ramfins59 for figuring out why the hood doesn't sit nicely with our cars, it made my Christine look tons better. Pix to come!

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