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  1. Lookin Good Clyde, I have one of the polar lights 43 talladega, I need to finish, Might pull that one out this weekend and see what I can do on it.. Red
  2. I know exactly what ya mean.. I was Thinkin on makin up a couple lwb Bed for The trucks that don't have it in kit form.. But now all I need it time... LOL..
  3. Thats Sweet.. You did and Awesome Job On it Erik.. Red
  4. Thanks For the Info On the a-pillars.. I Owned a 70 and 71. But haven't had to have a chance to Find a descent 68/69 Roller yet...
  5. Thanks Richard.. its in Mock up stage now still need to plum wires and Run fuel lines... Red THanks Kevin
  6. Thanks Daniel.. I've had this plan in the works for acouple mnths now.. Finally Gettin to do some thing with her now... Red Thanks Cobra Man..
  7. Thanks Everyone.. I love the old 70s ford trucks and Broncos I have acoupke 70s Ford projects sceduled for this year... Red
  8. Thanks Everyone I used the monogram 80s Ford Pickup and the Monogram 80s Ford Bronco kits... For the bed floor I used the Monogram F250 bed flr.. And then Built the Box around. I have plans On Making a master for a friend to cast up for future Builds.. Still need to gather $ and supplies before I can Gitrdone... Red
  9. I built this one Last yr For My father for a christmas Present.. The Bed was scratch built using 2 bronco Bodys. After hackin and whackin and putty.. Heres What I came up with...Red
  10. Thanks Sjordan.. Actually Its a Program that came with my Niko camera, I'm still tryin to figure everything out.. To make the pictures more Clear.. Red
  11. Got this kit Acouple Mnths Ago in a trade.. After sittin here one nite at the Bench. Got an Idea, to put the turbo 4 And Do it up as A 4cyl Car. Robbed the wheels and tires from the Ford Focus Tuner Kit. I'm Still tryin to figure out which way I wanna Go.. But heres some teaser pics.. Red
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