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  1. That's cool how they thought of the packaging like that. I agree with you whole heartedly that they are meant to be opened. I respect people's hobby. But I also hate seeing people with multiples of the same kit, usually harder to find ones, collecting dust and will never be built unlit something very unfortunate happens to the collector. Rather see a kid make the biggest glue bomb than stored away. I am going to go aheand open it, check it out. Supposed to be here at the first of the month. Will let all y'all know how I fair!
  2. Yea, that was my bad about the title. I was really after the 1935 Jo-Han Mercedes 500k roadster and one got away as I wasn't able to bid at the end of the auction. Guess it was still on my mind when I was making this post. Thanks for all the response. I'm going to go ahead and open it when I receive it in the mail. Check it all over and hope for the best.
  3. Hey guys! Got another question about a vintage kit. I just purchased a sealed jo-Han 1931 Cadillac off the eBay. While doing some research I found that these really old kits that haven't been opened can have a problem called "tire burn". This is where the compound of the tires somehow melts the softer plastic of the kit. My question is should I go ahead and open her up to see if there is any damage or let it be and hope for the best if I ever decide to build it. Below is a picture of the kit in question. BTW think I stole it for 10 bucks plus 10 more for shipping. What do y'all think? Th
  4. Your emblems are spot on. Very realistic!
  5. By all means! Honored you think it is that nice lol. That is what i think the forum is for! With out all the reference picture I found on here it wouldn't have came out how it did.
  6. Those hood pins and engine detail are A-1! Awesome job
  7. Man thats awesome! Glad you really dig it. I was a little lost on the chips comment but you straighten me out! Thanks!!
  8. Got another simple build for you. I bought this kit at my first model car show about a year ago here in Birmingham. Its the Revell 1966 GTO. Kit was in pretty good shape but the decals where trashed. Built straight out of the box with the exception of the wheels, which are from the 1962 impala California wheels kit, and added detail under the hood. Tried my hand at creating the fuel lines to the carburetors and that is what I came up with. I know its not correct for the real car but that tri-power setup is a beast! Paint is that testors green metallic. I try to have a theme for most of
  9. That is not a bad idea! Thanks for looking.
  10. Wish i had a better camera or maybe my lighting is off but the colors are not represented well. The car is actually more of a greenish blue and the top is maroon. The interior pick is closer to the actual color. Thanks for the input!
  11. That's awesome. Didn't know there where so many of them! The two piece tires definitely threw me off too. But surprised it has stayed all together after 40 years. Thanks again guys for the great information!
  12. Thanks! This was the first time adding so much detail for the firewall. The paint isn't my best but don't think it's chipped. Don't remembers if the antique plate came with this kit or not just liked the purple on white. Glad you pointed that out cause I just realized there is no plate on the front lol.
  13. Man that crazy. You are the third person to say that and those are only replies I have got so far. I thought it was a cool kit cause it is a hot rod with a corvair engine!!
  14. What's up guys and girls? I have another Charger for you! This is the yellow labeled pro modeler 1969 Dodge Charger. Did not do any body modifications other than cutting the motor mounts to make the massive Hemi sit right in the bay. The wheels may not be the right year for the car but it is what i had on hand and they where free! They came from the 1968 Charger kit. Details include wired spark plugs, battery, firewall, and brake booster. I added real rubber hoses for the heater and radiator. Interior came out to be my best yet! Made seat belts using craft ribbon and BMF. The floor boa
  15. Found this kit at a flea market not to long ago. To my surprise it's complete other than a decal sheet if it came with one. Was wondering if anyone has any information or interest in this kit. Can't find any for sale on eBay Is it rare or has been reproduced in the recent past? Thanks!
  16. The good ones I have pictures of. Awesome work you guys!!! 1949 Mercury 1966 Pontiac GTO 1969 Charger
  17. Great work sir!! That firewall is one of the best I have ever seen. Just wondering what gauge wire it is. Thanks!
  18. Really appreciate the great feedback! Yea went out one a limb with the white grill. Didn't really like how the chrome one looked in there with there being hardly any chrome on the rest of the car. So I looked at the tires and thought, white. Ha
  19. Hello modeling friends! This is is the Revell Mercury kit that's pretty amazing. From the building options to the excellent easy fitting parts. I built this kit as a gift for my brother who is an Auburn University graduate. Here is a list of the things I added or changed to the model. A lot of the ideas I got for the car came from all you guys wonderful builds. Hope there's no hard feelings!! -blended the front bumper -cut the B pilar out -smoothed the fire wall and molded in wires -wired the spark plug wires, battery, colant overflow, alternator, oil filter, and fuel lines. -upgraded
  20. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks man!!
  21. Little misleading title, but hope I'm posting this on the right forum ha. Im looking for a process that effectively strips the body of top coat and primer with out eating into the plastic. Only methods I found to kinda work either took all day or when I come back to check on the body it's half gone. What products have you guys got to work for you?? Love to hear all your knowledge! Thanks Zach
  22. Ahh man, you guys are flattering ☺️. But really I can't say how much I appreciate the positive feedback on my car that I've worked pretty hard on. Can't wait to show you all the finish product!! Thanks again!!
  23. Decided to to my own take on a really cool classic. Always loved hot rods specially in bright colors. It's right out of the box with just spark plugs and hand built distributor added for right now. Body is being painted and should be good to go in a couple of days. Hope you guys enjoy it!!
  24. Pretty much my favorite color on my favorite car. Love it!!!
  25. Yea is nobody's specifically. Made up the combo myself. Hope that's OK
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