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  1. That is insanely sick! I would vote it best in show
  2. Fantastic work! I just started this same kit last week, and will use your engine a a guideline. The detail on this kit is really top notch.
  3. Fantastic looking car. Only thing I can add is that you forgot to fill the seam in the transmission. The purple Charger is one of my all time favorite muscle cars. Great job!
  4. I almost exclusively use Tamiya primers, both the white and light grey. They are very fine, spray on evenly, and sand nicely Hobby Lobby now carries them, in the tall can. I always use the 40% off coupon, so they cost about $7
  5. Great looking model. How did you do the vinyl top? (and what is the color)
  6. Holy moley, the bottom view is fantastic! I gotta quit painting mine mostly black
  7. That's a mighty fine looking Bullet Bird there. What is the color?
  8. Engine looks fantastic. Loooooove the diode fuel filter!
  9. Outstanding paint and build so for, except for 1 thing. You did not fill the seam in the transmission halves
  10. Please do put up a tutorial. I would like to do this myself
  11. Hey to the fellow Colorado folks! I'm in Wheat Ridge
  12. I used artists pencils on the gauges. I blunted the point of the white pencil and rubbed it over each gauge. Only the high spots were colored white using this method. The red pencil was kept sharp and pointed to color the gauge needles. As to painting the Chromed Tail Light Panel, I did no masking at all. I made a thick wash from Tamiya acrylic semigloss black. Since the part was chrome, the paint flowed very easily over the parts I wanted black, even the gas cap. Used a q-tip to swab up any excess. This method was surprisingly easy to do. Thanks for all the comments. I saw the real t
  13. Thanks for all the kind comments. This was indeed a very fun build Glad you noticed Jim. The hood fit was the very first thing I did when I started this kit. I glued the 3 pieces together and then spent an hour holding the hood in place with the body and frame until the glue set.
  14. Here are more photos of the Torino http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=80101
  15. Here is another recent build. I am really satisfied with the results. Only wish the BMF around the windshield and rear window came out a little smoother. It's painted Testors Bright Aqua Pearl, and clear-coated. I really like how the color works with the flat black hood. Interior is flocked, and gauges were colored with white and red pencils.
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