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  1. Only thing I buy from LHS is paint supplies, everything else I buy online save for Revell and AMT kits. One LHS near me moved to another town which made it difficult for me to now since it's a 25 minute ride, and it's not a town I go to for anything. But he does carry Mr. Color paints which no one else in northern NJ does. I buy predominantly Japanese manufacturers for model kits, so there is absolutely no way I will pay whatever the LHS will charge for them. The same kits they might charge $50 or $60 for, I get for $25-$30 from HLJ. Yes I've got to pay shipping which will be usually arou
  2. Magnets might be a good idea, hadn't thought of that, thanks! @Rick, in that picture, on the left side of the area you circled, there are two parts that are black, I took them out real quick because the other part I can't do anything with right at the moment, I used CA glue to keep them in place. The fit is better now on one side, but the right side simply isn't catching. I think there is an issue with the cover itself from the molding process that I didn't pick up on. I don't think there's a whole heck of a lot I'm going to be able to do if that is the case. I added some more putty to th
  3. Ok, thanks guys, I'll try Rick's suggestion first since I don't have any clay around here at the moment. It might be what Rick mentions Don, I was trying to look through the opening from the rear to see if there was something that I was missing with those parts on the side, but I couldn't pick up on anything....however it might be just a small enough bit of contact that's causing the problems.
  4. I'm in the middle of building Fujimi's Ferrari 126 C2 1/20 scale model. I'm near the end of the build, but I've run into a problem with the engine cover fitting snug. It's leaving a gap. When I had done a dry fit, it was fitting snug in the slots, now it won't even do that. I'm at a loss with how to get the fit short of using CA glue and sealing it shut for good. I would like to be able to remove the cover to see the inside details. I tried adding some Tamiya putty to the catch areas to see if building it up might allow for a snug fit, but that hasn't been going as well as I liked. I've a
  5. The thing I've always loved about Jay's collection is he actually drives what he has in it. Instead of opting to be the collector who has the money to accumulate tons of cars that sit in perpetuity, he is an active user of his collection. A shame so many car collections become nothing more than high-priced museum sets that rarely see any use.
  6. JPS_Lotus

    BMW M3 DTM

    Great job! After seeing this, I definitely want to do this kit now. Love the decals on it.
  7. Incredible build! Great job with the detail.
  8. Great looking build! How much prep did you have to put into getting those parts ready? Compared to the 2014 cars, I really miss the 2008 and earlier F1 cars.
  9. Truer words have never been spoken! When I was looking at the pictures of the Daytona Yellow Z/28 my dad sent me, I realized I didn't pay attention to where the trunk stripes stopped, something about it ending at the bottom of the spoiler "feels right" to me. Of course it could also be because when I saw that Carolina Blue Z/28 that was up for auction at Mecum not too long ago, the stripes extending all the way down to the bumper was bizarre to see. The 1/12 scale kit sounds fantastic, I can't wait to see how yours comes out in that size, it's one I definitely want to do at some poin
  10. The engine detail is sharp looking! I love the exhaust piping coloring that you did with this.
  11. Thank you so much for all of the constructive comments guys! I'll definitely be redoing this kit down the road now. I was trying to get everything close as I could, but I made mistakes even when looking at the pictures Harry. When I get the wheels finished I'll toss up redone pictures. I did manage to fix the length of the stripes on the rear spoiler just now, trimmed it so it wasn't going down past the edge of the spoiler. The gap between them is unfortunately going to have to say as is for now unless I go buy another set of stripes which I'm debating doing so I can just re
  12. Thanks Harry! I tried the Tamiya flat aluminum, as that's a dull silver, on one wheel. It looks better, but I think it's a bit late to be doing this as I am going cross-eyed trying to distinguish between the chrome plate and the flat aluminum. Sort of a silver overkill on my vision at the moment. I will look at it again tomorrow and see. Thanks for the bit about the rear bumper and the taillights. I left the taillights as I was unsure of whether Bare Metal Foil would be the best way to go on that. Thoughts?
  13. What color and where on the wheels would you guys recommend doing it?
  14. Fantastic build! I still remember the first time I saw the Hugger Orange COPO years ago...my first thought was, "It looks like a base model Camaro." That was before I found out what was under the hood. LOL
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