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  1. Hey everyone! I'm back.. been away for almost 4 years now.. A lot has changed .. I ended up selling ALL my model stuff I had.. everything.. I was done with it.. Until we bought a storage unit that contained bins and bins of model cars, trucks, planes, army vehicles and more! A lot I will be selling here pretty soon.. I kept what I wanted, everything else will be up for grabs! I am happy to be back! now I just need to start collecting and building again!! I will post some pictures later!!
  2. At the moment I am waiting for the engine to be completed so I can get that in here..
  3. The dart was a grandma /6 car running and moving ... A lot of work ahead of us,..
  4. I got the inner fenders in today from my donor car, I took them out a while ago thinking I was going to need the room for a turbo ... I had to trim the frame a little so it would fit together good. Take a look.. I need to get skinnier front wheels
  5. I am building a 1:1 1968 dart pro street car.. I got this dart in on a trade with a whole bunch of other cars.. This is going to be a exact replica of my own dart. I've been working on it for about a year now off and on... I just recently got going on it again. I bought a custom made chassis for it along with a cowl hood. Custom suspension with 4 link and coil overs Pro street wheels and tires I am currently having a engine built from a experienced builder... He is building it to every last detail I say... Chrome Fabbed valve covers, oil pan ect ect .. all
  6. if it comes to that then I will but do you have a link or something to your friends ebay name because I cant find it
  7. would you consider getting rid of the dart pro street frame you made?
  8. Hi, I have a 1968 dart body and im wondering what chassis I could use that would fit with little to no modification that is fully tubbed. 1955 chevy? nova pro street? even if I were to use the rear part and graft the stock chassis to the back of the tubbed one. Thanks very much
  9. Thanks a lot, after I re read I thought that was kind of funny! haha
  10. Ya, I agree, Not the best kit.....but I have it and it was my brothers and it wasn't in the best condition so My dads having me clone it into our stock eliminator car so I need a bulge hood.
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