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  1. Terry,

    All of the MPC Challenger hoods interchange between years, just like the 1:1's do. I presume you have the R/T dual scoop hood as that is what MPC put in all those kits?

    The aftermarket does have some options. Reliable Resin has a flat hood cast from a Johan funny car body that you can add T/A or Six Pak hood scoops to or with a resin MPC 'cuda shaker hood and scoop from Modelhaus, you could make a shaker hood.



  2. Introducing the first of many 1968-72 GTO offerings from Reliable Resin. All of these parts are for MPC/AMT 1968-1972 GTO kits, not the 1:24 scale Revellogram GTO's.

    1969 GTO Judge spoiler package


    The front spoiler is one I mastered for a 1970 GTO Judge. I don't think the 1969 Judges had a front spoiler, but it will look cool.

    1970-1972 GTO Judge spoiler package


    If you are restoring or building an MPC 1970 GTO, here are some crystal clear headlights and clear amber turn signals.


    The clear lights will be available in a package with the Judge spoilers if you want to build a 1970 Judge. Get your decals from Keith Marks or Fred Cady.


    These new parts compliment the 1971 and 1972 upgrade packages already offered by Reliable. If you like these, just wait to see what else Reliable is casting for the GTO fans!!!

  3. Started to work on the interior. Using the new Reliable Resin Gen 2 F-Body race interior, I decided to make it a little bit more streetable.


    Like I did on my '69 Chevelle SS, I raided a new issue kit for detail parts. In this case, an AMT '70.5 Baldwin Motion Camaro donated its door panels. Here's a pic of the passenger side door panel.


    As for the slanted rear deck, it will be fitted with some subs and an amp and I have some nice sport seats from a Subaru WRX for driver comfort.


  4. Final update for the weekend. With fantabulous weather in Oklahoma this weekend, I got the Camaro cleared with Tamiya TS-13. While the paint was gassing out, I worked on the rims. First, I applied Micro-Mark liquid mask to the rims and center caps. After about 90 minutes in the Nesco, I gave them a light coat of Tamiya grey primer, then I fired up the compressor and airbrushed three coats of Testors Gunmetal Metalizer. After I removed the liquid mask from the rims, I removed the Camaro from the Nesco and mocked it up once more for the camera.



  5. I may take a whippin' over this one, but pleeeeeeeeeez go back to the original wheels you posted at the beginning.

    I love TTs, but they are literally everywhere and IMHO they don't compliment your work the way the first ones did.

    I'll spare you the whippipn' on this one, but I'm following a theme that started with my '72 Nova SS and continued with my '69 Chevelle SS.



    Those Aoshimas that I used in the first mock up picture are "da bomb" and not to worry, they WILL show up on another build.

  6. Thanks guys! Marc I remembered the Nomad kit tonight at work, so maybe I'll go that route. Is there any other gasser parts in that kit?

    I don't have access to my Nomad kit, but it has a fuel injected SBC with the side exit rectangular dump headers. Can't remember what wheels it has in the front but I want to say they are the 10 spoke spindle mounts.

  7. It's been awhile since I've updated this post. Decals are on including the SS emblems on the front fenders. Got it on its wheels this evening...19" and 23" Pegasus T's that will have Testors Gunmetal Metalizer spokes tomorrow. Weather is spectacular in Oklahoma this weekend, so I'm hoping to shoot the Tamiya gloss clear on Sunday afternoon too.




  8. The new Aoshima VIP series wheels are shipping!

    Fabulous Various 20 inch

    Riverside Traffics Star DTX 20 inch

    Garson D.A.D Chaimlain 20 inch

    Muscle Magic US Steel Daytona Type 16 inch

    I hope to see mine within 20 days.....

    In case anyone hasn't ordered them, I ordered mine through HLJ.com

    The Fabulous Various 20's are on backorder already though.


    Got an email from HLJ last night that my Fab Various 20's shipped.

  9. Tonight, the Camaro started to earn its stripes!!!


    I was planning on using Fred Cady decals but there were two problems with them. First, they were too wide for this 1:25 scale Camaro and second, the rear stripes are only long enough to cover the decklid WITHOUT the rear spoiler!:x

    So, I found my Keith Marks decal set for the '70-73 Camaros and they are perfect. :D The rears are long enough to fit with either the duck tail or three piece spoiler. I applied some Microscale Liquid Decal Film over the decal before applying it to the car. I have found that the decal film will help protect the decals from those harmful lacquer solvents. Not a total cure all but it helps.

    I'm doing one stripe per night in order to get things right. Used Microset and a hair drier to get the decal to snug down into the hood vent. Still might apply some Microsol after the decals are good and dry. I also masked and painted the cowl vent under the decal area with some black paint.


  10. Made a little progress on the Camaro this week. Got the body cleared in anticipation of laying down some black SS stripes. Detailed the grille tonight with some BMF and a Fred Cady SS decal.


    And, this interior arrived via Priority Mail from Reliable Resin on Friday:


    It's the new race style interior for MPC '70-81 Camaros and Firebirds from Reliable Resin. I have visions of some custom door panels, some subs and an amp in the back, and some pro touring style sport seats. The latter are in route from Reliable Resin and will be shown here next week.

    More to come....

  11. I just pulled this one out of the paint booth and took some pics. Four airbrushed coats of HOK Goldmine Pearl over Plastikote grey primer. FWIW, I used a $15 Testors external mix airbrush :lol: :!:




    I'm gonna let it dry a few days before applying my first coat of Tamiya TS-13 clear. Then I will apply a mixture of Fred Cady and Keith Marks decals and bury them in more clear.


  12. Say Marc, is the grille and front bumper separate or molded as one piece??? Got any pics?

    Sure do...


    That's the beauty of this kit versus the original AMT '70-73 Camaro kits. The front bumper and grille are separate pieces. The transkit that Reliable Resin offers comes with the SS grille, clear headlights and your choice of clear or amber turn signals. The grille on the right is a plain, emblemless grille that I mastered and Reliable sells as an optional part for this kit.

    I'm building this one as an SS model, but I'll be building others, like a Z28, using the plain grille. And with a little luck today, this one will be wearing some HOK Goldmine Pearl by the time the sun sets here in Oklahoma.

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