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  1. Here are some new pics of Reliable Resin's 1971 GTO transkit for the AMT ex-MPC 1972 GTO.


    This transkit will come with the corrected front valance, amber turnsignals, crystal clear headlights, the correct '71 GTO grille and surround, rally mirrors and correct Rally II rims. Not shown in these pics but will be included is a rear spoiler. Thanks to Steve Goldman for donating the masters for the grille. You will need to fill in the front fender vents on the '72 body to make an accurate looking '71 GTO. '70-72 GTO's used decals for all of the GTO insignia. Keith Marks has the necessary decals including "The Judge" stripes. At a date TBA, Reliable Resin will offer the correct '71 GTO interior to complete the package.

    The transkit will be available on Ebay soon or you can order direct from Don @ Reliable Resin by email at ReliableResin@aol.com. Be sure to tell Don in your email that you saw my post here on the Model Cars Magazine forum.




  2. Here are the first pics of the AMT ex-MPC '72 GTO upgrade package from Reliable Resin.


    It will include a corrected front valance with opened grille work, clear amber turn signals and clear headlights, and a correct grille with the GTO script from an MPC '72 GTO annual. The whole headlight/bezel assembly is molded in a high gloss clear resin. You simply apply BMF to the front of the part and trim the foil away from the headlights. Here's a pic showing the part in the car.


    You will want to apply BMF to the back of the headlight or inside the fender. It was intentionally left off in this pic to demonstrate the clear casting.

    I believe the complete package will include your choice of Pontiac Rally II or Honeycomb wheels and some rally mirrors for the doors. I'll update this information as soon as I get it from Don @ Reliable Resin.


  3. Introducing three new resin transkits for the AMT ex-MPC Blackbird Trans Am kit that converts it into a 1976.

    Trans Am:




    The third transkit will include a flat hood that I mastered for you mainstreamer fans. All transkits will include a modified front nose cap, clear headlights, grille insert, hood, correct rally mirrors, and a set of Rally II wheels cast from a 1976 MPC Pontiac Ventura. Here's a picture of the flat hood. The T/A transkit will include the complete shaker assembly. The Formula hood has been modified with OPEN scoops.


    These will be available on Ebay or you can order direct from Reliable Resin. Email Don at ReliableResin@aol.com and tell Don you saw it here.

  4. Pictures! We need pictures!

    I will post pictures soon. Don @ Reliable received my masters on Friday and he was busy pouring rubber for molds today for the '71 and '72 GTO parts, so it shouldn't be long.

    Don will be attaching MCG photoetch emblems to the '68 body before it gets cast. There are a couple of other projects ahead of it in the molding/casting process but I expect it within 30 days. I'm working on the master for the '69 GTO, including a modified 1:24 scale Judge spoiler. Keith Marks has just completed artwork for '69 GTO Judge decals and will be sizing them to fit the MPC '69 body. Both the '68 and '69 GTO can use the AMT '72 GTO for glass, chassis and powertrain. For more detail, you can use the AMT exMPC '69 Olds 442 kit for the chassis and the engine from the Revell '68 Firebird or '66 GTO.

    I won a junkyard auction on Ebay last week that included two MPC '70 GTO's (the curbside promo version) that I will be opening the hood on so that we can finally get the '70 GTO that AMT promised us years ago, albeit in resin. The original '70 has the front bumper molded to the body.

    I'll post updates as soon as I can. Thanks for your interest.

  5. Reliable Resin is coming out with some exciting new products for us GTO fans. First up is an upgrade kit for the AMT ex-MPC 1972 including reworked front valance panel, clear amber turn signals, clear headlights, and the correct front grille from a 1972 annual with the "GTO" script.

    Next up will be a 1971 transkit with the front valance, turn signals and headlights from above, a 1971 grille and a 1971 interior tub and bucket seats. The builder will only have to fill in the front fender vents on the '72 body for an accurate 1971 GTO.

    Then going back a few more years, a 1968 GTO hardtop is in the works with the full body and hood, grille, rear bumper and taillights and complete interior with the one year only 1968 instrument panel.

    If you guys would like to see a '69 and/or a '70 GTO just post your response here.

    Watch this forum for updates.

  6. You've inspired me to start collecting the bits and pieces to build a similar GTO. Got a prepaint '05 50% off at a local hobby store yesterday. Now I need to find the unpainted '04. Got plenty of rims to choose from :(. Then I'll need to place another order from Cobra Colors for some paint, perhaps Spice Red or Impulse Blue.

  7. Nice work Gregg.

    This is what I call cool beyond words...the magazine editor actually building models and participating in the forum. A true man of the hobby!

    Glad you're able to participate. Join us when you can.

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