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  1. I threw another body in the mix for the highboy chassis. Still totally undecided as to how i'll finish that one. I do really like it as a red '69, despite the grille inaccuracies. Anyone think we'll ever see that corrected? I went with a yellow two-tone on the white '70 body. Got some testors dark red on the '66. I'm having fun with these.
  2. I pasted them directly into the text. I think they may have been too large. Are you able to see them attached here?
  3. First time posting on this forum. Forgive me if I uploaded my photos incorrectly. Anyway, these are my latest truck projects. I'm having a lot of fun with these Moebius truck kits. Still alot of work to be done on both. The 70 is beefed up with the full upgrade from FIreball Modelworks. Both are great kits IMO.Highly recommend the fireball upgrade.
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