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  1. Very cool. It looks great in primer. I can only imagine how nice it will be with a proper paint job.
  2. A couple of photos for anyone out there who may be looking. Not much progress on this one yet as I had to travel unexpectedly for work. However, I did get some seat time this weekend. Finished the internal combustion engine, began closing up the wheel openings, and cut out the fins. Thanks for looking.
  3. Found my back engines! Not much like the small cylindrical ones on the cartoon car but it's what I have on hand and I think it looks cool so I'm going with it. 😝
  4. Apologies in advance to those of you out there who may not be fans of the TV show Futurama. But when I came across this glue bomb Thunderbird with no engine or hood and just a couple of tires, I knew what I had to do. I'm hoping to turn this green mess into something resembling the blue one in the picture. 🙂 This will be my first foray into the world of cutting and adding styrene and body filler so we will see how it goes!
  5. Thanks to everyone for their responses! I love that this forum allows me the opportunity to share my work and receive feedback from somewhere as far away as Australia, awesome.
  6. Great job bringing this one back to life! New kits are great but there is something especially satisfying about restoring one that has seen better days.
  7. In my continuing quest to build cars I thought were cool in my youth, I submit my Isuzu Impulse. Mostly OOB, lowered it as far I could and put it on NASCAR tires with custom Corvette wheels. Nice kit, pieces fit together well with the exception of the straight windshield wipers not really touching the curved window. Instead of using the large wiper meant for the front, I used the smaller ones on the front and back. Not sure why there were 2 smaller wipers but it worked out well for me. The smaller wipers made the fact they didn't touch on the ends less obvious. Thanks for looking.
  8. That is one great looking car! I love the way you did your photos.
  9. Thanks everybody, appreciate the feedback. Captain if you're still following wanted to let you know I picked-up a Starsky and Hutch Torino last weekend. Might be a year before I get to it, but yours has inspired me to greatness. I will do my best to reach out when it's officially a WIP!
  10. Nice work. The weathered engine bay looks especially good
  11. Very nice. I think the view from the side could easily be mistaken for a 1:1 Camaro
  12. Beautifully done. I hope to have one in my collection some day if I can find one at a reasonable price.
  13. That turned out great. I have seen and read about several folks who had difficulty getting the body to sit correctly on the frame but yours looks just fine. Love the detail work on the body with the hand painted black stripe and silver around the wheel wells and bottom.
  14. This was an old open kit I bought off eBay. All the pieces were there as advertised. However, when I went to place the window glass it became obvious it had spent some time under something heavy. Thus, the windshield doesn't fit exactly like it should. Nice kit, easy to build as most of the pieces fell right into place. I was disappointed with how poorly the rear taillight bar fit but that may not have been the case when it was new. OOB other than the lowered frontend. Thanks for looking.
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