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  1. Engine components squared up, ready for assembly. More dechromed parts.Front wheels, also Hilborn injection and scoop. Still going. More later.
  2. I'll be using the tires and rear wheels from the AWB ChevyII, front wheels from 33 Willys. I'll need to set the egine back a bit,1/4". I'll cut and modify the front frame to move the engine mounts back and scratch the front frame braces. Will need to remove "shaded" area (in 1 piece) and move back 1/4". Progress pics and maybe some primer later tonight. Thanks for looking.
  3. Small update here. I'll be doing a more "high dollar" version of this type of car: BB/Altered.
  4. Great job, man. Keep it up with the BMF. Any engine pics?
  5. I'll be using the Chevy II AWB chassis plate. The "purple pond". Dechromed parts. Rear spring "shackles" removed. Spring hangers will be moved forward and will use Anglia rear springs Layout of chassis parts. Engine mock-up. Next will be engine and subassemblies and getting body ready for primer. John, the tires are from Altered States Models. evil, I'm not a real doctor, but i have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, though.
  6. OK,I'll be entering this build-off as an excersize in basic techniques and to see if I can actually finish a build. This is not a build on my list, just dug through and picked some stuff out. Hopefully, posting here will keep me honest and at the bench. Here's the kit....MK AWB Mustang Engine from '33 Willys Wheels and Tires Misc. chassis and interior pcs. from '33 Willys and Anglia Will have progress pics in On The Bench, tonite. Later
  7. Hey all, I've been following the forums for a while. I started building in the early sixties. Probably built every drag kit ever made back in the 60s early 70s. Then got a job and kids. Built a little in the 80s and 90s. The internet got me back in. In 04 dug threw all my stuff..got organized, got some new stuff. In 05 i had heart failure (maybe too much gloscote, model paint and glue, in a confined area as a kid?). Haven't worked since. I've had all kinds of time...hard to get to and stay at the bench. I've got about 7 cars in progress, another 7 or so ready for the bench. Then, of course, a list of "future projects". I decided to join and get in the drag car build. Got a photo-bucket account, yesterday. So, that's about it. Glad to be here. Heres a couple pics of the build area my son(non-builder) helped me with. OK pics didn't work....any help on that ? Thanks Harry
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