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  1. We never saw one like this, back in the 60's did we fellas.
  2. Nice build. But I don't know what to say about the black paintjob!
  3. This is a great presentation of this kit.
  4. I just showed this to my wife and said, "now tell me I'm crazy".
  5. On the chassis, I used the revell z28 and firewall and used kit door panels and dash. A little work it fits well, looks good.
  6. I would go with fogged candy blue down the middle with purple on the sides, over the candy red base.
  7. I love Chevies and drag racing! Looking good. Nice job on wheels and brakes.
  8. Tim, I've been following you're stuff for a very long time. Awesome.
  9. Looking good. Nothing like 4 girls in the back of a VW !
  10. Nice! I just said to my wife. " checkout the model this guy is building"
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