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  1. I built this kit about a year ago but built it box stock. I also built one back in the '70s but ended up torching it. Fortunately one of my brothers saved one of the slicks from the '70s build because one of the slicks in last year's kit was deformed out of the box. So I used the slick saved from the '70s build in the one I built last year. All the extra details you added really make it stand out. Great job!
  2. I'm thinking about doing the Blue Crush car using the AMT '61 Impala SS kit. Never done any weathering before so it'll be a first for me.
  3. Looks fantastic, nice engine details and stance!
  4. Beautiful build and great color choice!
  5. Very cool!! Does it have landing gear underneath?
  6. I'm a Pepsi man too but that Coke looks mighty tasty also!
  7. A friend had a 1:1 ‘66 Chevelle SS back in the day so he gave me the Revell kit to build for him. I picked up the ‘61 Impala and paints today at HL. The Torq Thrust wheels in the Impala kit will be used on the Chevelle, I think.
  8. Everything is just beautiful about this, the subject, the build, the colors and the photography. Congrats!
  9. Very cool-nice job! Is that 1/25 scale!
  10. Safire6

    Triumph TR8

    If it weren’t for randyc on this forum I wouldn’t have known about this kit also. Thanks Randy!
  11. I need to build something like this. What kind of wood did you use, if you don’t mind me asking?
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