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  1. Try Krylon Crystal Clear. Nice looking build!
  2. Looking good! The engine look's good but was way low. Keep it going. later
  3. rock 'n' roll ! I can't wait to see how the soft top looks.
  4. Nice man. The lake pipes are looking good on it.
  5. I would like to differ. I remember {won't say the guy's name} a " B-A" straight black SS/BA ';65 Dodge...nasty hemi and alumiinum fenders back then. Later
  6. Excellent rundown on gassers, man. and nice-looking '57!
  7. Nice Chevy II and fun I bet!
  8. Well Tim, I never got these. Here we go. The Dana 60 rearend looks good. later
  9. i built one of these Gas Ronda mustangs way, way back.......Testors competition orange, about a whole can of Glos-Cote. Great work on the gasser!
  10. One of the greatest eras of dragracing ever in our great nation
  11. Who doesn't love a nice early model Camaro
  12. Great job on an old simple AMT kit!
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