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  1. Not a lowrider guy, but I really like this.
  2. Slightly smaller front tires, slightly bigger slicks, 6 or 8 point cage, basically fac stock fr sus, heavily modified r susp, stock type dash (maybe f glass), 2 seats, door panels and full carpet.
  3. Great rendition of a '55 gasser from back then. Very inspirational.
  4. Looking good. Rough paint and all. Way to stick with it.
  5. Not into stock builds. This is really nice
  6. I would say. 110% 0n the frontend, man.
  7. wow man! I was in hosp in N'ville 3 years ago, wife brought some SA mags and laptop. I found hotrod articles, Boyd, etc. This 29 hadn't been released, the old ones I couldn't afford. When I saw the re_pop on MR I got it. I have RM parts. My plan was yellow. I'm tryin fellas.
  8. These are some pretty good lookin' builds, I think.
  9. This is almost F'ing great man! Good job!
  10. Really great stuff man! I want a set of those Donovan heads and valve covers. The Rain For Rent car's home was a 2_car garage.
  11. Here goes another good one! Rain For Rent car was pretty cool back then.
  12. Those flatgrey Americans are pretty nice looking'
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