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  1. ]Heres a view of the under side detail
  2. Very nicely done keep up the good work!
  3. I built this model a few years back it has working suspension, A 100% scratch built engine and turbos, the entire interior has been reworked or scratched. There are ghost flames in the paint and the lug nuts are real. The wheels are one of a kinds that i made from 3 differant sets.I spent ruffly 6 months building it. I hope you enjoy the pics.
  4. May i suggest a CBB 454 with headers and a tunnel ram with two holley carbs for your power plant.
  5. Went out and bought a second mustang kit for the seats... here some pics of the interior pan comming along. heres a pic of the doors with the speaker mounts installed, I cut the speaker mounts from the caddy escalade.
  6. You are doin a superb job on this project keep up the good work
  7. This should prove to be one nice project
  8. This is the dash from the caddy escalade i had to modifiy it so it would look like a frod dash, I started but cutting the top off the Ford mustang dash and I also removed the round vents
  9. These seats came from the 05 Revell Mustang cobra kit the head rest had to be changed because i planned to add video screens here are the same seats with the new head rest added front and back
  10. This is a quick mock up of the truck and where i plan to take it. This is the floor pan of a caddalac escalade that i modified to fit in the ford.
  11. Thx I got some guy that hatin all over this build he sent me some hate mail this morning but im gonna show it anyway hope you enjoy the ride.
  12. Hey Fellas i havent been around in a while but i wanted to show this build as it went down. This truck is accually done but i had a few people ask me to post the build pictures. I started with a resin cast of a Ford F350 cab made by my buddy Jamie at SSB resins and it evolved from there i hope you enjoy these pic I will be posting over the next few days. here the doors have already been removed and bracing has been put in to support the cab i also compleated a bumper heres some work done on the dicast bed the bed is from an F350 promo, I started the fender flaires too
  13. Hi John this is an excellent build, cant believe we havent meet at any shows in the past hope to meet you soon now that im out of retirement, just wanted to say ive seen your work in magazines and it superbly done. take care and keep up the good work. Romell R.
  14. I dont know where your from but in cali this would be street legal , but thatnk for your compliment
  15. These are the largest whees and tires you can get in this scale and the pictures give the illusion of having too much space, the model speaks for itself it's won two model shows already. Ask mr. 1/16th he was at the last show LOL !
  16. Did i mention the whole truck lights up.....?
  17. This is the motor I put in this beast hope you enjoy........
  18. Thx for all the compliments fellas i'll be posting here more offten i dont like ScaleAuto anymore LOL!
  19. I made the rear shocks from aluminum tubing , you can pick it up at any hobby shop.
  20. That trailer kit was made by Galexie limited and you can find them on there web site.
  21. Let me know if you would like to see more pics of this build.
  22. great build i love it keep up the good work and dont wear seal scent cologne while surfing LOL!
  23. in reply to your question yes you'd have to buy one of his kits unless he has an extra laying around, his web site is www.ssbresin.com tell him romell sent you he might work something out for ya. oh and the bed was a diecast ford f250 bed i added the dually fenders to it.
  24. just thought i'd give you more to look at LOL !
  25. Heres a build i just finished. This truck is all custom i had the cab cast in resin for me by my good friend Jamie over at SSB Resins , he doesnt sell this as a seperate piece tho, you'd have to buy one of his fire engines. theres really too much to list about this truck but if you want to know all the ins and outs of it just say so and i'll post more pics of the build.
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