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  1. welcome back .... to those of you who come back LOL! And welcome to those of you who are here for thr first time. Anyway i finished fabricating the upper and lower tubular A arms and i was able to put the shocks together I have three pairs done because Im not sure of how I want the stance of the car and all three pair are a slightly differant size. I'll be making the 2" drop spindles tonight so i'll have more pics for ya tomarrow. I hope you enjoy these..... Yes the springs do work ...!!! see ya tomarrow....
  2. Sickfish you have done and outstanding job on this project.... Im a deatil man myself you can check my builds to see what i mean. I too have been building a very long time (since I was 5 im 43 now I think LOL! you do the math) I have entered and won many contest and shows including many magazine speads. You spoke of upping your skill level which you have done superbly, but let me add this, an undetailed interior on a model of this caliber will only take away from its beauty. When i build I like my models to keep the eye moving from one section to the next and back again. The interior gets more attention than most people think, I have seen people (at shows) looking into the cars with magnafiying classes and flash lights. Some suggestions: photo ecthed window and door handles, open ash tray radio faces, replace the kit gauge faces with some from model masters or MCG (model car garage)a pair of glasses on the dash helped me to win best in show a few times, simple small details get noticed. You have put yourself in a level of modelling that few dare to go and you are doing it the right way continue in that direction dont half step your project. Your interior is a detailing project in itself. Keep up the good work and I apologize for writing a book in your thread. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png' alt=';)'> check this link if you want to see how deep i get into detailing and scratch building http://s179.photobucket.com/albums/w294/aftashox/ enjoy
  3. good job with the shelby
  4. Heres the frame all filled in and sanded smooth, I also made some lower tubular A-Arms which are pictured below. I made them from brass tube and piano wire wielded together with rosin core soder come back tomarrow for more updates...
  5. Gonna be a nice project... But in my opinion (and this is just my opinion) the shifter is way to long for this car if it were like this in a real car your hand would be at top dash level. other than that keep the good work commin.
  6. nice gonna be sweet im diggin the paint and rims A1 work
  7. I know i said this will be an exact copy of my 1:1 chevelle Hot Rod but truth be told my 1:1 will be an exact copy of this model because it will be done a few months before the real thing....any way i'll post pics of both during the build. for anyone who wants to see the 1:1 build its posted at the end of this build. ok so lets get on with it. I started with the revelle monogram 1967 Chevelle my plans are to build this project with full working suspension so i need a complete frame. The kit frame just wouldnt do so i went diggin thru my junk yard and came up with a AMT Ertel 67 impala frame its a tad too wide and a bit too long so its gonna have to be channeled and chopped. My 67 Chevelle before it was sent to the body shop If you look closly at the frame you can see that I have already filled the right side of the frame rail with squadrans white putty. this frame is ideal because its a seperate piece and not a part of the floor pan. heres the two frame next to each other.. here the new frame has had about 5 scale inches removed to make it narrow enough to fit the chevelle body Stay tuned for more progress pics tomarrow.............
  8. So far so good keep us posted.....
  9. Heres the almost completed Interior..... these amps go behind the rear seats Visors with video screens
  10. Got the HOK Black on and the electricity grafix painted on and moving forward... Stay tuned for more.....
  11. Hey! justin im gonna be putting together a 67 Chevelle an actual copy of my 1:1 hot rod, here on this site, starting within the next few days. Im doin this untill some of my materials come in and at the request of a couple modellers. Did you know that I sold this model it was destroyed and i was able to get it back and put it back together. Now im gonna start putting it in shows again. stay tuned...............
  12. Here cab has been painted with the first step of color its HOK Lime Green Here some color has been added to the chassis..... Heres a mock up for your viewing pleasure LOL!
  13. I found the pics of the tool i used to make the suspension. the tool was made from a bar of Plastic rod and two small screws. The feaf springs are made with .010 plastic strips 5-6 strips each. you apply the first strip between the two screws and as you layer the strips on they start to form the feaf spring. here you see the completed spring next to a kit spring....
  14. Great job i love a good scratch build.....Keep up the good work
  15. 1st let me say I hope you get better soon, 2ndly I am impressed with your level of building expertise. I love a clean build and one that you can tell the builder has put his heart into. keep up the excellent work and i will be following along. Have a great day ! Romell
  16. Your gonna want to drop the front spindles on this ride the same way we drop Hot Rods in 1:1 if you cut the axle hold on the spindle and move it up higher this will drop the fron end down. then its just a matter of setting the rear axle higher on the frame hook up. I hope this helps you.
  17. I figured if i was about to spray I better hang the door so they et an even coating, its very eazy to mess up a paint at this point by not having the same amount of paint on all the body parts. here you can see how the hinge works to swing the door inside the body panel. this is a correct hinge. Once all my doors were hung i noticed that a gap was too big so i repaired it before i went any further now she ready for the base coat of siler HOK paint Stay tuned for more to come...
  18. Ok body work is done and every thing is ready for paint so it all gets a few thin coats of primer 1st. Notice the tail lights have been filled in... i relocated them to the rear
  19. Hey Fellas here are a couple pics of the completed video screens there are 6 screens in all and each has a picture of the "Master Chief" from Halo I took a digital picture from the video game and had them shrunk down to size there really clear altough you can see that here. I hope you enjoy these. P.S. hes upside down on this pic because these hang from the ceiling This one is sooo small I had to glue it to a rod just to work on it. LOL!
  20. Thx for the LUV fellas!!!
  21. The 300C dictates that you put a Hemi under the hood try a Ross Gibson motor if your up to the challange!!
  22. its called a Shotgun Bill scoop I have one on my 1:1 67 Chevelle im building
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