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  1. Here Im starting to get some frame work done (can you tell im a detail hound?) Frame supports for the front shock are almost complete I did soo much reserch to make sure this part was right. Here the rear axle is comming together.... Rear axle with 4 link setup.... Rear shocks comming together... And finally a mock up of the rear end..... Stay tuned more to come....
  2. Hey Gary the shocks are made from aluminum tubbing you can purchase from your local hobby store, some stores even sell bags of assort metal tubbing if you can find them there great for all sorts of things. i forgot what size the tubbing is because I pretty much just eyeball the size i need. LOL !!
  3. Hello again! i wanted something differant than just a lifted pickup so I decided that i would make this a lifted dually LOL so heres the pics of the steps I took to make that happen. I had my old 70's GMC dually so i cut the fenders off and gluded them on the dicast Ford bed. but they need to be smoothed and rounded a bit so that was my next job. Dually fendeds ment i had to buy a second set of tires and rims OH BOY! heres a mock up with the tires i have whata think? Here the fenders are starting to take shape Stay tuned more to come!!!
  4. Man thats one clean build great job!!!! Bravo!!!!
  5. That sound like it's gonna be tight but if you dont mind i'd like to make an suggestion, ... dont do the flocking on your seats flock is totally out of scale for seats (makes em look like you have seat covers on) try using flats to simi gloss paints on your interior parts it give them the leather look. and if you can, use your air brush to apply the paints for a smooth application. colors like tan, red, black, brown, blue all make good colors choices for leather. check out the interior pics of any of my builds and you will see i always paint the seats and panels i only flock the floor (cause it makes great carpet) Only a suggestion. of course it's your project always do what makes you comfortable. Have a great day my friend! Romell R.
  6. Excellent Job on this ride keep up the good work!!!!
  7. You did a excellent job on that wedge my friend im always floored by your work...... And that park looks awfully familure is that the park off VanNuys and Vanowen or is it in compton? ( I used to live in VanNuys and Compton)
  8. Thx for allowing us to enjoy your dream car , And you did an Excellent job building it.....
  9. Cowboy I didnt know you were on this forum too .... like i said before you always have some wild builds keep up the good work
  10. I use a carbon fiber decal from Detail Masters there kinda tricky to apply but once you get the hang of it , Man they look good. I also seal them with Tamiya clear once they dry
  11. 1st off thanks for the comment, And to tell you the truth I use any size LED because they can be ground down or sanded to any shape i need. I usually look for color or brightness when i shop for LED's and i buy them from Radio Shak. 2ndly I cheated on the subs this time I usually turn my own from aluminum but this time i took the speakers from the Monogram Caddy Escalade that kit has some sweet speakers and stuff in it. And 3rdly I wanna see that 300C of yours LOL! have a great day! Romell
  12. Unfortunately i dont have the pics of the tool i used to make them and it would be alot easyer to explaine if i had them. I'll see if i can find the right pics and i will post it here. In the mean time I hope you enjoy these pics of the leaf springs
  13. Thx fellas for all the awesome compliments
  14. Commin from you john thats a compliment indeed!
  15. Well I sold it because the offer was insane, but no matter how much you get once the money is spent your gonna miss your baby.
  16. I built this chassis over 15 years ago it used to be a pro street 85 Monte Carlo show car that won plenty of awards and was even featured in a coupe magazines before it was knocked off a table and broken into too many pieces to count. I just recently put it back together as the mustang because i had the body left over after using some of the parts on my Ford F450 4x4 which can be seen here also. I hope you enjoy.
  17. Thx for the compliments on both cars and it obvious you know your stuff
  18. I sold this one right after it was done now i wish i hadnt.....take it from me fellas never sell you works of art. i didnt even get to take some good pics of the car DANG! Sorry the pics not the best quailty
  19. Thx fellas for the compliments , and i would love to show you how i made the turbos, i'll have to upload the pics I have from when i made them. these were accually EZ to make because there made from aluminum rod. I'll find my pictures and set up a build of a turbo unit
  20. great start on this project cant wait to see more pics....
  21. This is the motor from the mustang kit i was gonna use but it turned out to be a bit too small for this monster Then I decided to purchase a Ross Gibson Ford 815 mountain motor its resin and highly detailed As you can see there are plenty of parts this kit is a project in itself... This is the simi finished power plant compaired to the mustang motor Stay tuned for more to come!!!
  22. Heres a test fit for the interior pan with seats Just another Mock up for fit
  23. John I have a new found respect for your building skills you go MAN!!!
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