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  1. Great job on this build Marco , I only wish i was able to get involved with this build. story of my life dollar short and a day late LOL!
  2. This is gonna be sweet cant wait to see it done excellent work Ron.
  3. This is gonna be kool , what color is that you used on your seats?
  4. I will do that just for you but give me a few days because im prepairig to do the doors on my project car 67 Chevelle build
  5. Just fantastic work my friend keep it goin
  6. Lots of good advice here from alot of excellent modellers....As for me I never handle my parts after there painted I let the model pixies put everything together LOL!
  7. After reading this I decieded to write a quick tut on the matter of the hinge I hope it helps you. you can find it here.How to make a correct hinge...
  8. Hello My fellow modellers! As I have noticed a few request for a tutorial for opening doors I decieded to write this for those of you who are interested. This tutorial wont include cutting the door off. As most of us already know how to chop up plastic. And there are a couple different ways you can go about getting that perfect fitting door.(but thats a totally different tutorial). What i will teach you is how to make a correct hinge, one that will swing the leading edge of your door inside the front fender. This will be a very brief and to the point tutorial that i hope will help you in your door removing endovours. Im going to assume you already have your doors removed and your ready to move forward...but what materials will I need? you ask. well you'll need a thin piece of stiff wire I like to use piano wire which can be found at you local hobby store. You'll also need either some brass or plastic tubing, CA glue, and a pair of needlenose pliers or something to bend the wire with. This illistration is to help you with the shape of the wire and the placement of the tube. Use your needlenose pliers to bend your wire into a shape like this. Im not giving diamentions because I just want to show you the basic shape, you can fine tune this to any size you need it to be later. Take a look at the next photo to see the placement of your tubing and your wire once you have it cut to the right size. DO NOT GLUE THE TUBE TO THE WIRE! But do glue it to your door. next glue the bare end of the wire to the inside of the fender. I recommend taping the door to the outside of the body to support it. Once the glue is dry and you have fine tuned your hinge..you will have a correct swinging hinge. And heres the cool thing about this hinge....If you ever need to take the door off you can without destroying the hinge or the car. I hope this was helpful and it will help you advance to the next level of modelling.
  9. Hello John As a scratch builder myself i can really appreciate the work you have invested in this project and to watch your build from the start as a toy to progress to a full on scale replica has been a joy. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your final post.
  10. I think the rallys from the 67 kit would look classic with the color you laid down. Nice job so far keep us posted
  11. Hey Mopar Just wanted to answer your question but 1st thx for checkin out my build.... You have a good eye the rear end is sitting up high and thats because the coilovers I have on it are to long....I fixed that today though and the ride hieght is lower now. I'll have new progress pics tomarrow so stay tuned...
  12. Actually the 1:1 will be a lot easyer than the model when it comes home from the body shop because its just gonna be a matter of putting all the parts together. But the model I have to make most of the parts LOL ! thx for commenting Alan.
  13. Ok this is starting to shape up nicely, keep up the good work and i'll be following ya
  14. This Probably wont quailify but it is my newest build and it is 4X4 LOL!...Hope you enjoy
  15. Thx for your compliments and intrest in my build, to answer your question, I use various types of glues, but for brass to plastic I ususally use med thickness CA or one that drys in 10-25 seconds. Also the amount of glue you use will affect the bond. You should use very little CA glue when it comes to gluing parts together, remember that CA glues have a carrier that makes up about 60% of the glue and the glue wont hold untill the carrier evaporates, so the less glue the faster the bond. Try using a tooth pick to apply your glue like rivet spots, then hold the two parts together while you count to 25. This should work for you. Take care
  16. Posting this thread is becoming a bit of an obsession LOL! thx for following Alan
  17. I hope Your weekend was pleasent I was able to start on the rollcage. I used 1/8th stainless steel and Rosen core soder. Here are the progress pics Enjoy! As like my 1:1 the side bars are made so that they are non-intrusive Heres one with the seats
  18. It was my pleasure my friend!
  19. Thx for the compliments you guys are too kind thats why i love this hobby....
  20. oops forgot to leave ya this.... enjoy
  21. ok heres the tute I promised you. Keep in mind that im not giving dimentions as these will be totally up to you, I just want to show you the shape and materials needed and you can fine tune from there. Here Are what you will need Ive cut the door completely off (in a hurry to do this tute) you will have to bend the wire in a sort of "U" shape like the one pictured here Again the size is up to you as long as you have the shape correct this hinge will work Position the wire on the body of the car as shown and put the tube on the wire on the door side. DO NOT glue the tube on the wire but DO glue it to the door as this will serve as your swivel point. When the glue is dry it will make your door swing inside the fender the proper way Heres another cool feature of this hinge...If you ever need to take the door off you can with out having to destroy the hinge and possibly the body
  22. Im enjoying your build you are doing an excellent job. But i feel compelled to tell you that the type of hinge you are using is the wrong type. This type of hing makes the door swing out from the car as opposed to the door swinging inside the front fender as it should. Just take a look at the way a door opens and you'll see what I mean. I have made a hinge that corrects this problem and I would love to show you how to make it using the same materials you use for the hinge on your truck. I hope i didnt offend you in any manner. Romell
  23. Its funny you say that because I did just that for my 1:1 it's full frame off build
  24. Hey fellow artist I made some Edlebrock air filters to match the ones on my 1:1 I wanted people to be able to see them if they look into the scoop from the front so I hollowed out the scoop.... here you see the painted and hollowed out scoop... And I'll be fixing this next I had to remove the molded on frame and i'll be repairing it over the next few days, Oh i wont be posting over the weekend but look for up dates on monday. Have a nice weekend.
  25. Hey I married the boss so i get to do whatever I want LOL! J/K I own the business and I only do small projects on my desk to take pics of the progress then show them to you guys....LOL! Thx for your comment and welcome aboard
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