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  1. I tried to email Keith Marks and haven't gotten a response. Is there anyone else who makes decals or anybody know of a better way to contact him? And where can I find the HEMI decal to go on the six pak aircleaner?
  2. ok great. Also I forgot I want to put steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps on it. Where can I buy them or what kit may have the correct ones?
  3. I am working on a Revell 71 GTX and I want to convert it into a Roadrunner. Where can I find the decals I need?
  4. My model is going to be a current example using todays technology. I just didn't know what all supplies i would need for the four link bars.
  5. I am currently working on building a 79 Camaro in a drag car and want to build a proper rear axle setup for it. I have a narrowed Ford 9 inch and wheels and tires but need to know how to make the four link suspension.
  6. I am currently working on the Hurst/Olds and am wondering what the correct color for the engine should be? I can't find any decent pics of it.
  7. I am currently building a late model Mustang Cobra Jet and am in need of a resin Tach. I'd like to get a few of them. I'm looking for the monster style preferably with a shift light. My builds are in 1/24 1/25 scale. Who or where makes these that I can buy?
  8. Where can I find detailed pics and info to help me build an accurate 68 Dart Super Stock?
  9. I am building this Merc and I want to try to make it period correct and it seems that factory it would have come with a flat head. My question is what type is it and what color should the engine be that is included?
  10. I'm currently building the Revell Peterbilt 359 and was looking for some parts to detail it a bit. I am looking for aluminum stacks, CB antennas, aluminum air horns, coil hose for the back, rubber boots for the intake tubing and maybe some custom rear fenders. Where might I find this stuff? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I painted an engine with rustoleum an it came out like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. What works best to strip it clean?
  12. Where did you get that intake manifold?
  13. Does anyone make intakes for the LS engines? I looking for the style used on the new COPO Camaro.
  14. I mostly just want to build a pro-street clone since most people wouldn't notice the difference anyways. I was thinking it was a 4-link set up with the coil over shocks.
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