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  1. nice supra,as far a the neighbors im on the same boat lol
  2. nice, i got the same kit but have no idea what to do with it JK loooowwwrider :twisted:
  3. i wanna cast this wheel exactly as it is the pinhole doesnt matter but the face and backside do the lip was already molded with a single sided mold. this wheel will be my second double sided mold but ive never casted a wheel before. can a tire be done off a single side mold?
  4. boredom struck when this happened i still got a lot of work to do but i plan on finishing it this year
  5. i mustve built this car ages ago but its a alpina beamer with fujimi wheels he original paint was silver graphite. the new paint job is tamiya clear over the original color i also added detail to the tailights and wheels(after photo) it was a basic rebuild.if youre wondering where the mirrors went back then i owned way more cars than i do now and mirrors took up too much shelf space so i never added them and eventually lost them. before after
  6. old aoshima kit, i molded the body kit and added strech wall wheels i just butchered a set of pegasus wheels to get the extra lip out of them
  7. looks better now than it did 5 years ago
  8. what PSI do you recomend and what psi do you recomend for future
  9. lol theres no paint on the body thats raw promo plastic
  10. as you can see donks arent the only thing i build, i build what draws my attention after seeing one of these driving around in my neck of the woods i had to build one
  11. thats a sexy beast right there 8)
  12. but it has big wheels. i got this 78 monaco at a show a year or longer ago. didnt do much with it i bough it cause its such a cool car i figure when i get around to it illl make a lowrider. then the highrider phase came and i swapped the pegasus wires for these 26s. it sat for a few months before last night when i decided time to do something about it. so i polished the plastic added some foil and highlit the trim. the interior was completety repainted with a mix of buff,earth, and dk brown.
  13. updates interior is done wheels are done. and a pic of the frame
  14. thanks,i used those skull stencils on Bearair.com then sprayed tamiya clear green over it
  15. yeah its been """"donked"""" but its the only way i will ever build a muscle car
  16. nice, i see what you meant by the undertra
  17. i thought you had used this kit to make yours.
  18. i got this in a trade the car ended up missing the mirrors but ill find a set or make some. the interior was kitbashed from the RSX and the wheels are Kranze Shokki with highlights. the color is Auto Air Lime green pearl.
  19. i stopped doing it cause it reveals a lot of flaws so i sand the clear off and lay my base then paint
  20. you need to make a concrete cabinet izzy. when i was in pr i kept my models elevated and sealed with tape(our house had a roach problem)
  21. thanks guys, i finished the car its in the underglass forum
  22. didnt use any primer i just sanded the black flat with 600, then layed AA 3300 silver base let it tack up then sprayed Faspearl pink topped with tamiya clear.
  23. she recently passed on and i decided to dedicate a car to her its mostly a basic paintjob but i got the car from point a to b in one day. from this to this
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